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What Are the Different Event Planning Jobs?

If you enjoy event planning and attend plenty of conferences and occasions in your spare time, then you might be an ideal candidate for an event planning career. It’s a rewarding profession in which you get to meet and interact with industry leaders, where you often get to attend amazing conferences yourself!

If you’d like to pursue this as a career, you’re probably wondering what the different event planning jobs are, and how you can get into the field. Let’s take a look at all the event planning careers.


Event Coordinator

An event coordinator is a type of event planning job. They help plan and organize different events.

Event coordinators work with clients to make sure everything runs smoothly. They handle things like budgets, schedules, and talking to people. They make sure all the details are taken care of.

Event coordinators are like the leaders of events. They make sure everything is in the right place at the right time.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner helps couples with their weddings. The planners work closely with the bride and groom to make their dream day come true. They take care of everything, like finding the right place for the wedding, choosing the right vendors, and sticking to the budget.

Wedding planners make sure the wedding goes smoothly and all the details are perfect. They are experts in making weddings special and memorable. They handle all the stressful parts so the couple can focus on enjoying their big day.

Corporate Event Planner

Corporate event planners are professionals who organize business-related events such as

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Seminars
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They work closely with companies to plan and manage all the important details.

Corporate event planners choose the right venues, coordinate with vendors and create budgets. They also make sure that everything runs smoothly during the event, from setting up the space to handling technical requirements.

The corporate event planner’s goal is to ensure that these events are successful and meet the objectives of the companies hosting them. They play a crucial role in an event planning conference creating professional and engaging experiences for attendees.

Meeting Planner

Meeting planners are professionals who specialize in organizing business meetings and conferences. They handle all the details to make sure these events run smoothly. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives. Meeting planners take care of logistics, such as booking venues and arranging accommodations.

They negotiate contracts, coordinate with speakers, and manage event registrations. Their main goal is to create a professional and engaging environment for attendees.

They ensure that everything is in place, from audiovisual equipment to refreshments. Meeting planners are responsible for creating a seamless experience, allowing participants to focus on the content and objectives of the meeting.

Special Events Planner

A special events planner is responsible for managing the entire production and execution of special events. They develop event plans and budgets, coordinate vendors, and handle all administrative tasks associated with the event.

They ensure that all aspects of the event are running smoothly and that attendees are having a great time. Special events planners may also work on customer service and marketing initiatives related to the event, such as pre-event outreach, on-site staffing, and post-event follow-up. They often supervise other staff members and volunteers on-site during the event. Special events planners typically have a background in

  • Event planning
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
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They also should have strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

Exhibition Planner

An exhibition planner is a type of event planning job. They organize trade shows, expos, and exhibitions. Their role is to make sure everything runs smoothly during the event. They take care of things like

  • Arranging the floor layout
  • Setting up booths
  • Managing contracts with exhibitors

They also create marketing strategies and engage visitors to make the event successful. Exhibition planners work closely with different people to make sure everything is in place. Their job is important because they help businesses showcase their products and services. Overall, exhibition planners play a vital role in organizing successful trade shows and expos.

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Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator is one of many event planning jobs. This position typically involves overseeing the use of a specific rental space on behalf of an event host. This could be a restaurant, a banquet hall, a recreation center, or any other place that could be used to host an event.

Venue coordinators are responsible for working with the event host to plan the event according to their specifications, determining the best layout for the location, and dealing with any issues that arise at the venue. When the event has concluded, they often help to ensure the space is cleaned and all rules or contracts have been followed. This event planning job, along with many others, is critical to ensure hosts have the best possible experience.

Event Marketing Manager

Event marketing managers are critical to the success of any event. They are responsible for creating and overseeing the marketing strategy for an event. That means creating and executing campaigns that will promote the event, increase attendance, and grow brand awareness and loyalty.

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You will be responsible for connecting with the right people, setting up and attending events, and managing the communications and social media channels to target audience members. You will also need to work with vendors to ensure all materials are ready for the event, manage budgets, and secure sponsorships. All of these responsibilities make an event marketing manager an invaluable asset to any corporate event planning team.

Choose From the Many Different Event Planning Jobs

Event planning jobs range from a hospitality manager to a venue coordinator, and no matter what is chosen there is always a way to make a great event. Planning something as special as an event takes knowledge and skills. All of these roles require someone with a creative and organized mindset. If you want to make an event one to remember, consider what each event planning job can offer and find the best one that suits you.

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