The Different Types of Marijuana Strains That Are Grown Today

Did you know that there are over 700 strains of cannabis on the market? Not all marijuana strains are created the same. Some are ancestors of specific plants, and their lineage provides insights into their benefits and unique effects.

There are also types of marijuana strains that can resist disease, drought, and mold. There are also some of the best marijuana strains that do not need as many nutrients as others.

If you are a beginner, here are the top strains that are easy to start with. Remember that even though we call a strain Indica or Sativa, they are all hybrids of sorts. You will be hard-pressed to find a cannabis plant that is 100% Sativa or Indica.

What Are Marijuana Strains?

A marijuana strain determines a cannabis plant’s chemical profile and physical appearance. It also helps discover the medical benefits and how helpful they can be to treat various illnesses.

Cannabis strains are also at times referred to as varieties, cultivars, chemotypes, or chemovars.

There are approximately over 700 types of marijuana strains even though thousands of obscure ones have yet to make the final list. There is no limit to how many strains you can find, and these can be mixed and matched for a better smoking cannabis experience.

How Types of Marijuana Strains Are Created

Those who work in the cannabis industry cultivate new marijuana strains by breeding female and male plants. Then they cross two strains to form a hybrid, which is a mix of Sativa and Indica.

For instance, Girl Scout Cookies is an offspring of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Then you can mix White Widow and Blueberry to get Berry White. There is no limit to how creatively new strains can be created and named in the hemp industry.

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Types of Marijuana Strains

The basic types of marijuana strains you will find are Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Each of them has its own characteristic effect that we crave. For instance, Sativa can give an energy-boosting effect, while you will feel sleepier than usual after inhaling some Indica.

However, it is important not to generalize cannabis strains and their effects. A cannabis strain’s effects are largely reliant on the person consuming the CBD hemp flower.

Think about your overall health, weight, and level of experience when you go for a smoke. This will be a strong indicator of how well you can handle smoking cannabis and which strain works perfectly to give you the feeling you need.


Sativa cannabis strains have higher than usual levels of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that gives you a euphoric and uplifting “high.”

Sativa leaves the consumer energized and upbeat, which is why it is perfect if you want to start your day with this strain. It also has tall and narrow leaves that produce floral, spicy, and fruity scents depending on the terpenes that are present.


Indica is the sleepy strain that contains less THC compared to strains with more Sativa. Unlike the THC in Sativa, Indica strains have a higher amount of cannabidiol or CBD.

These are known for producing relaxing and sedative effects for those who find it difficult to sleep properly at night. Instead of counting sheep as the hours go by, treat yourself with an Indica CBD hemp flower and say goodbye to amnesia.

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The majority of cannabis strains on the market are hybrids because they are a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica. Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds.

This can be tricky for a lot of first-time cannabis consumers because you will find products labeled separately as Sativa and Indica even though they are all hybrids.

The most reliable way to discover the effects of a strain is by looking at its terpene and cannabinoid content instead of whether the label on the product says Sativa, Indica, or hybrid.

Hybrids can contain higher amounts of either THC or CBD. However, hybrids do not produce the most reliable effects compared to strains labeled Sativa or Indica. The effects of hybrids can be variable, so you may need some trial and error to find the perfect strain.

How to Choose?

Choosing between different types of marijuana strains can be tricky if you do not have experience. The best way to start is by getting your hands on a CBD-dominant strain with lower THC.

This way, you will not get too high immediately when you consume cannabis for the first time. Go for a strain with an 80:20 CBD and THC ratio. This is perfect for beginners until you progress to a 1:1 or 50:50 ratio the more comfortable you feel with the psychoactive cannabinoid’s potency.

The type of strain you will enjoy depends on your mood. For instance, if you have an exam to cram for, it is best to go for Sativa. But if you want to relax and take a nice undisturbed nap, you may want an Indica-rich strain that does not keep you alert.

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Finally, think about your preferences for aromas and flavors. This can vary depending on the day. One day you may want a Pineapple OG to experience a tropical vacation while another strain like Gelato can teleport you to your favorite ice cream shop.

Remember to always buy cannabis products safely through a licensed dispensary. They will have a list of ingredients and lab results to guarantee the safe consumption of their products.

Find the Best Marijuana Strain

Finding the best types of marijuana strains depends on your medical conditions or personal health goals. Some strains are better at helping patients with chronic pain, while others are more effective at treating anxiety.

The best marijuana strains come with countless therapeutic benefits, psychoactive effects, aromas, and flavors. The best way to find your perfect strain is to experiment with Sativa, Indica, and hybrids.

Explore the different CBD and THC ratios and find the best strain for your daily needs. It would not be surprising if you end up having favorite strains for different times of the day. If you enjoyed reading our cannabis industry guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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