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The Complete Guide to Buying CBD Safely Online for Beginners

Did you know that CBD retail sales reached over $5 billion in 2021? It shows that many people are curious about the impact of CBD on their lives.

As interest in CBD product options grows, many retailers will want to grab your attention. And with most businesses shifting their services online since the pandemic, you’ll be left with plenty of choices.

Although online stores offer convenience, you may still have a few concerns regarding CBD. That’s why our guide simplifies tips for buying CBD safely online. Please take a look at them below.


1. Ask Your Doctor if CBD is Right for You

Your first task before buying CBD products is to check with your doctor for more information. CBD is usually harmless, but if you’re on other medications, it would be best to ask your doctor if CBD can interfere with them.

Other factors to discuss with your doctor include:

  • Your reasons for wanting to take CBD
  • A recommended dosage
  • The type of CBD product that’s best for you

2. Look For Third-Party L2ab Testing

Another important component when looking for a legit online CBD store is third-party lab tests results. Businesses should send their products to another source to test their legitimacy.

Usually, the tests check for:

  • The amount of CBD
  • Impurities within the CBD product
  • Terpenes (the natural component of the flower)

You should be aware that some online retailers may not post the study results. But with a quick search, you should be able to find out information on the product.

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3. Check the THC Levels

Depending on your location, THC could be illegal in your state. That’s why it’s essential to know about the THC levels in your CBD.

There are three types of CBD:

  • Full-spectrum
  • Broad spectrum
  • CBD isolate

Full-spectrum CBD contains all parts of the cannabis plant and has less than 0.3% THC. Taking these products can be risky if you have an upcoming drug test because the THC can appear in your system.

Broad-spectrum CBD consists of most cannabis plant compounds but has trace amounts of THC. However, you can also use broad spectrum CBD distillate, which is THC-free. CBD isolate products only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids.

4. Look at Product Labels

Do you often look at the labels of products you’re consuming? It’s a practice you should incorporate during your CBD search.

Although some items could be mislabeled, they’ll tell you basic information such as the dosage levels and the ingredients in the CBD goods. Combining this data with third-party lab test results can ease your mind during your search.

5. Read Online Customer Reviews

You may have found a CBD store website that ticks all of your boxes during your search. However, did you take a look at the online reviews?

Customers will usually post reviews on the seller’s website discussing the customer service and quality of the product. With more insight, you’ll be able to determine if the seller has excellent service.

Now, it could be a case where the site’s online reviews are fabricated to enhance its appeal. If you’re skeptical, visit a trusted third-party site and search the company’s name to read more reviews about their service.

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6. Compare CBD Prices

Your search might get overwhelming because of the number of CBD retailers. So you may come across a business with prices that are too good to be true.

Comparing CBD prices is another excellent way to tell if that seller is legitimate or not. Look at other online stores and see how much their CBD products cost.

If the prices among numerous retailers are relatively the same, you’ll have a rough idea of what you should be paying for CBD products. It would be best not to purchase CBD items from a store selling too high or low above that average price.

7. Avoid Pushy Sellers

Piggybacking off of CBD prices, you should avoid pushy sellers that want you to buy the product, regardless of the price. CBD is very sensitive, and finding a trusted source is essential.

Avoid sites offering various discounts and wanting your personal information for the sake of the purchase. You should limit your business to verified CBD sellers that offer product transparency and long-term support.

8. Ask About CBD Extraction Methods

There are various ways to extract CBD from a hemp plant which include:

  • Extraction by solvent
  • Olive oil extraction
  • Steam distillation
  • CO2 extraction

The extraction method can be a determining factor in the CBD product’s cost. Companies that use chemicals for CBD extraction tend to be cheaper. But those who use a method such as CO2 extraction will cost more.

To find out the extraction procedure, check the third-party label results. Remember, they can also let you know if any chemicals have gotten into the CBD product, which is a significant factor for some buyers.

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9. Find Educational Brands

Most businesses understand that CBD usage is new for most people. You don’t want to rush into buying a product without knowing its essential details.

Top CBD brands will have blogs and other resources available to help you make an informed decision. Peruse their site to find information that’s relative to your needs. Educational brands will build more credibility than those looking to push product sales.

Buying CBD Safely Online Should Be Your Top Priority

Buying CBD safely online is essential when you’re a CBD beginner. Follow our suggestions above to find a reputable service with the best products.

We hope you’ve learned valuable information from this article. For related content, check out our blog.

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