disadvantages of mobile phones

Disadvantages of using mobile phones

Disadvantages of using mobile phones: Mobile telephones became a necessity in the present time. Connect with  people, watch shows online, hear songs, read news, etc.Since 1992, its continuous development has given us some of the most refreshing applications since the invention of a smartphone. High cellular use adversely impacts people’s health.

In 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE was reported to have exploded when it as charged for causing severe injury to phone owners.

Disadvantages of using mobile phones

I wanted to know what about the damage mobile phones cause to our mental health, even if physical damage can be contained. There are a few drawbacks of long hours’ use of mobile phones.


Top 20 Health disadvantages of using mobile phones

  • Brain Cancers
  • Loss of hearing
  • Eye/ vision problems
  • Increases stress level
  • Dedication to work
  • Germs /diseases
  • Depression
  • Weakens immune system
  • chronic pain
  • Hampers your process of thinking
  • Prone to accident
  • Nomophobia
  • Phantom pocket vibration syndrome
  • Vulnerable to cyber-crimes
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired concentration/ attention span
  • Weight management and fitness level
  • Risks to the unborn / infertility
  • Skin allergies and infections

Health risks from mobile phones

Brain Cancer

Mobile phones release energy from radiofrequency, a kind of non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by telephone problems. A user of the mobile phone is exposed to the amount of radiofrequency energy from some factors.

Such as phone technology, distances between telephone and user, the extent and type of mobile telephone use, and the remoteness of the user from towers.

Scientists report adverse effects on health, like changes in brain activity, reaction times, sleep patterns and mobile telephones.At present, cell phones are known to emit radiation.

 Brain Cancers

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This radiation affects our brain cells directly, which often decomposes existing cells into cancer cells and therefore causes brain cancer.

Children may be more likely to develop cell phone brain cancer than adults. They continue to develop their nervous systems and therefore become more vulnerable to cancer factors.

Loss of hearing

loss of hearing

It affects our hearing to listen to music always in high volumes and speak on the phone during long periods. It is also extremely unwise to put your phone in your ear, particularly when the phone is plugged in to charge.

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Eye/ vision problems

Eye/ vision problems

Recent studies show that 90 percent of people check their phones in five minutes after they wake up. It is harmful to expose your eyes to this sort of light on the day, but right after you wake up, it is extremely harmful if you can’t even see what is what. Even kids who do not have laptops, or sit in front of a computer, almost use cell phones. This can only lead to the next generation of well-known young people.

Increases stress level

 Increases stress level

Mobiles cause many forms of stress. Mobiles cause stress. When a cell phone is used, it also depends slowly on it. It is therefore very hard, for any period, to be separate from it. When our cell phones start losing battery, we start fidgeting and stressing. Furthermore, new research shows that, even if they are at a meeting or lecture, people are worried about not responding to calls or text when they see their mobile phone’s screen shining out.

Risks to the unborn / infertility

Risks to the unborn / infertility

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Cellular radiation is said to cause birth, similar to brain cancer, especially for males (but not limited to) carrying their telephones in their front pockets.

Weakens immune system

 weakens immune system

On the screen of our cell phones, we have all noticed the oily, gray residue. More disease-causing germs are found in the waste than are located in the toilet. Such bacteria attack and weaken the human immune system. A person has a greater chance of suffering.

Chronic pain

Holding the mobile phone continually in one position causes significant joint pain when you send e-mails with text messages at a significant speed.

chronic pain

All of us work together. We work together. The risk of back pain is increased by holding a telephone between the ear, neck and shoulder. “During the long periods you are using your cell phone, you will arch your neck and hold your body in an international posture.


Many people stop using standard alarm clocks and use their phones instead for the same thing. You even put your phones there behind your bed or even your pillow so that you can get up when you hear the alarm.


They do not know much that they invite more germs than a toilet by doing so. Yes, research shows how unhygienic our cell phones are. How to wonder? When you use your phone while eating and cleaning your room, think about it next time.

Hampers your process of thinking

We did not realize that the internet, our computers and our cell phones had an important part to play in our lives. Every time we want to do something, it’s the first thing we do to Google around.

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Hamper your process of thinking

We look for information on Google, for example, and use anything we find on the web. For example, when we want to type something, we use it. Likewise, when a simple basic design is needed, images are instantly downloaded from the web and the job is done. This smart technology prevented our own creativity from thinking and making use of our natural process.

Prone to accident

 Prone to accident

Today we have seen more people losing their lives by paying attention rather than what they do. Some people click on themselves as they walk. Others call. Others call.Some click on themselves while walking, some calls, some keep texting. The implications of texting and driving were not realized until after constant propaganda and various campaigns of awareness. Now, new programs seem to be necessary to increase awareness of text and movement.

Dedication to work

Dedication to work

Whenever we go working, apps like What Sapp, Facebook, Instagram, and others on our mobile phones divert attention to us. We don’t think it takes more than 10 minutes to check the applications, while it takes a lot of time. And that leaves you less time to do your job. The work not done with full attention and commitment is unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory.



This is the name given to the phenomenon of mobile contact being unaffected. While this term is ‘nomophobia,’ many argue that ‘phobia’ may not be the most suitable and that it could be better known as an anxiety disorder instead. Apart from terminology, the problem remains.

Weight management and fitness level

Weight management and fitness level

Children spend their time on telephones these days. They know more about telephones than their adult partners, and although it is impressive for some adults, it is very unhealthy for children. No fresh air or no outdoors can cause not only health problems but also social alienation.

Although so many cellular phone disadvantages are listed, they share positive points, just like everything. There is a need to maintain a balance between the advantages and the weakness of all technology and devices, not only when it comes to cellular phones.

Phantom pocket vibration syndrome

This can be related to anyone who ever had a mobile phone. Often when they don’t feel that our phones vibrate.

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phantom pocket vibrations

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It may be in front or in front of a major call, or may be just your expectation, but each one of us felt an extreme vibration at some point that did not have any real reason.



Studies show that the surreal levels in our body remain continuously activated, and blood sugar levels remain high as a result of hyper-vigilance caused by cell telephones (a need to check for notification by phones). Stress hormone levels of cortisol increase blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety

Skin allergies and infections

When they see a mobile phone, the first thing that catches the attention of people is its appearance. And a layer of metallic gloss is added to make the mobile phone look more attractive.

Cell phone dermatitis is caused by nickel, chrome and cobalt, referred to as skin allergens.

Vulnerable to cyber-crimes

Vulnerable to cyber-crimes

It can be very convenient to walk with all the information in one place until it’s susceptible to cyber theft. All our information remains in our cell phones these days, apart from personal messages and such, and, if taken away, makes us extremely vulnerable to cybercrimes of all types.

Impaired concentration/ attention span

 concentration/ attention span

The time you can stay away from your phone is directly related. The longer your phone remains, the more you can focus on your work or study.

However, it is almost a simple case of reflex for us to check our phones every 10 minutes or so for new notifications, and we lose our focus each time we inspect the phone. Although one minute may not be relevant, the loss in concentration for productivity is very significant.


Depression of arenteiro

Anxiety, stress, sleep deficit, and insufficient fresh air can lead to severe depression in adolescents and adults alike. Likewise, a text message that has not to be responded to or a Facebook post, which hasn’t gotten enough’ loves,’

etc. You can also feel and be a victim of depression and anxiety easily.


Disadvantages of using mobile phones: please avoided the mobile phones to use less hours to take care your health risks from mobile phones and spend with family members & friends thanking you. please share this post !

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