MBA Scope in India

Management Studies in India

Management Studies in India: Management and Business administration domains have witnessed a massive hike in the number of employees over the past few decades. One of the few reasons is owing to significant growth in industry and the desperate need for management and administration to bring in the concept of sustainability.

The scenario in India is much more advanced owing to its status as a developing nation. Over 20 lakh startup industries have been established in India for the past 2 decades, many have been wiped out of the map. Reasons? They couldn’t sustain themselves, and that’s where the graduates of management studies play a vital role.

Management Studies in India

Management studies graduates are key people in any industry or even service company. They’re the ones who can manage the resources, look into financial development and play an enormous part in business development. The majority of their job roles are what they get to learn during their undergraduate studies or postgraduate studies. To facilitate this, there have been several government aided universities and private management institutes established in India such as IIM, OP Jindal management studies, IES MCRC, S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, etc.

Management studies are a broad field of study as it can lead you to anywhere you want to specialize in. There have been several undergraduates and postgraduate courses in this stream which can be pursued students even with a technical background. Though the popularity of undergraduate management courses is pretty less in India, the zest and zeal for postgraduate management courses such as MBA, PGDM, etc. have been relatively high in India.

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Amongst all the postgraduate courses, MBA has the outright favorite and the most sought course in India. MBA consists of various sub-streams related to every specialization course available under management belt, which helps students to excel in one field and diversify.

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There have been several management colleges established in leading metropolitan cities and other cities to comply with the demand for this course. There are numerous MBA Colleges in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, etc. which take in an ocean of students for only MBA courses.

MBA Admissions:

We got to know that several universities and colleges are offering MBA courses in India. Now, let’s discuss how to select the optimum university amongst the pile and how to get in there. MBA Admissions are not relatively complex as we think and it’s very much similar to that of your undergraduate admissions. Most of the colleges provide admissions to the students via national level entrance exams, but however certain private universities provide admissions based on their entrance exams.

So the first and foremost level of the admission process is your score and rank obtained in common entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, etc. which is purely aptitude and mathematics-based. Meritorious students who aced these examinations will be entitled to a seat in premium institutes such as IIM, which is all over India. However, IIM isn’t for all and students can use these marks to apply for numerous premium private universities such as IES MCRC, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management Studies, SP Jain Management institute and much more across the country.

Management Studies India

The second level of the admission will be a face-to-face interview process with the college counselor, wherein your undergraduate score and your entrance exam scores will be culminated and based on which you’ll be called upon. This round is to test your English proficiency, which remains a minimum requirement to pursue any sort of management degree. Every so often this is performed via a group discussion round instead of face-to-face interviews, depending upon the college.

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Based on your performance in the rounds, you’ll be provided admissions into the college you apply for. Sporadically, premium private universities will have an extra round of filtration, depending upon the admission criteria and the student set they’re looking for. Apart from these universities, some colleges offer direct admissions based on your skillset and undergraduate scores. Hence, numerous options will secure you a seat in an MBA degree.

MBA Scope in India:

As we discussed the demand in the need of management people in any sector which contributes to the economy. To support my earlier point, the need and necessity of business stability and growth sustainability is the topmost concern of any industry or service-based company, if they want to look for any stable revenue generation. MBA courses pursued anywhere across the country will provide a similar set of studies that will enable the graduates to handle these scenarios well in hand and predict the development of the company based on various studies.

MBA Scope in India

The demand for MBA graduates in any specialization is quite peaking these days and that explains why there are dozens of MBA colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, etc., which are hotspots of education and research-based studies in their respective states. Adding to that fact, they’re furthermore the primed locations for any business-oriented companies to start and also expand their business to these places.

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Job opportunities for these graduates are and will never be a question or will entertain a circle of doubt. Owing to their skills to manage any type of sector and play a vital part in business development along with resource management, they’re frequently paid higher than any other domain of work. And it is even more advantageous for a person with a dual degree such as B.Tech and MBA, which qualifies themselves as a person with adequate technical knowledge and business management knowledge.

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And we are barely in the beginning stage, management studies are gradually rising and will soon be a majorly exploited course. One more advantage involved with this course is that it will help many graduates to take up entrepreneurship which in some way enhances our economic growth and reduces existing unemployment levels. As it is stated, management studies are a pacific of opportunities, the deeper you dive into, the more chances of you to find your Atlantis.

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