Termux FOR PC: you want to learn and install a Linux environment without set up your device with Termux Android Application for PC. Linux is the operating system in the Termux application has an environment in the android application. Termux Application works online in the android Terminal with the Linux environment in the device. You can download and install it on the Mobile phone which is available in the App store. Termux for pc is not available which is solved your problem at your fingertips.


You can see the Termux window in the android terminal emulator gives you Linux environment access for the remote of your servers using the Open SSH client. You can see the total package environment with awesome design in the Termux terminal with the Application device. Termux Application works like Linux and PC windows look like Linux and Ubuntu Device. Termux App for PC works on the android, iPhone/ Pad, Tablet and PC windows or Mac Laptop to download and install the Application with Android Emulator with these steps in it.



Termux Application has many more features and advantages in the Linux Terminal Environment and packages in it. Termux Application has the features of Network settings, Python package, Linux commands, and Text-games in it. Here are the simple features of the Termux Terminal Application for PC.

  1. Termux Application will get the access servers over SSH. You will get the Bash & ZSH shells available.
  2. You will get the Files Editable with Nano & vim. You can compile code with clang & GCC in it.
  3. You will have access to the python console as a calculator and GIT & SVN to check out projects.
  4. Frotz to Run text-based Games and supported with keyboard shortcuts with mouse support.
  5. You can develop by compiling C files with Clang and build your projects in the CMake and Pkg-config in it. you can have GDB and strace are available to get stuck to debug in it.
  6. You can customize the color schemes, powerline-ready fonts for the Termux terminal.
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Here are the Termux Apk details about the Name, Size, Android Version, Category, and Developer Description in it. you can check everything about the terminal Application with Linux Package information and secured Application.

Name Termux apk
App Size 16.7 MB
Version 0.101
Release Date September 20, 2020
Category Tools Apps
App Permissions Networks, File storage, Location, and Package files.
License Type Free
Download File Termux APK

Download Termux


Here is the simple to download the Linux environments in the windows and Mac devices with Termux Application for PC. You can get similar features of the Termux Application with the Android emulator environments in it. you can see the Termux Linux Application in the System with the Android Emulator to install the Application in it.

  1. You need to download the Android Emulator Application from the internet which helps to run the android application in the system. You can see the Android Emulator with various versions and formats for the system. You can download any android emulator with Blue stacks or Nox Player Links mentioned here.


  1. You need to continue to download the Android Emulator and TERMUX APK in the system. Download the Android Emulator Blue stacks in the system and Internet connection in it.
  2. Once the setup is download and installed the application from setup in it. you can see the Android Emulator installation in the system.
  3. Once the Android Emulator’s installation is completed and launches the Application. You can see the android Application with a Mobile User interface in it.
  4. You need to sign in with the Google Gmail Account in the Android Emulator and get the Android Application with the permissions and terms and conditions in it.
  5. You will have the play store application with the Android Applications like Games, Apps, Movies, and Books in it. Mobile phone with android Application in the Emulator in the system.
  6. You can download the Termux Application from the Play Store or you can download the Android Application from the internet. Once the Application is downloaded, you need to drag and drop in the Android Emulator.
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  1. You can see the Termux Android For PC in windows and Mac Devices. you can check out the Linux Terminal Environments, Colour customize, GUI packages, Cmake, and Packages in it. you can get everything from the Termux Application for PC.


TERMUX FOR PC: You will get unlimited access in the settings and download speed with the Upload in it. Termux For PC will give you windows and Mac devices with Linux Terminal Termux Application and Environments in the system.

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