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Eco-friendly building materials

Eco-friendly building materials: Several hidden things contribute to environmental eco-friendliness, including transport and how it is carried in some climatic conditions. Environmental impact is a complicated matter that evens more people and industries of the manufacturing sector address when they decide on a day-to-day basis.

In the construction business, which is famous for its hard effects on natural resource extraction and conditions, information about the subject comes to the surface.


What does Eco-friendly mean?

Eco-friendly is the one which does not cause any harm to the environment or it is called as earth friendly. Eco-friendly mainly refers to the products or the things that helps us in conserving the resources such as water, light and energy. Eco-friendly products are also used to prevent the chances for the air, water and the land pollutions.

What is Eco-friendly building?

Eco-friendly building is a building or the construction which is not harmful to the environment and which is beneficial to the environment. Often the buildings which we build have a bad impact on our natural resources and our environment. In order to overcome this impact on the environment Eco-friendly construction has developed.

What are the materials for the construction of Eco-friendly building materials?

Eco-friendly building materials

The best and the excellent Eco-friendly materials for the construction of eco-friendly materials are Milk paints and Earth plasters. Earth plasters are used for the interior and the exterior finish. These earth plasters are made up of mud. Eco-friendly materials are used for insulation, flooring and for foundation.

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Distribution of building materials:

The Eco-friendly building materials are grouped or distributed based on the Vendor specific and on Activity.

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Eco-friendly materials are used for

  1. Roofing and ceiling of floor
  2. It is also used in Paints, wood finishes, distempering and colours
  3. For road works.
  4. Used in Mining works

Eco-friendly building materials Properties:

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Eco-friendly materials have many properties. They are

The materials are said to be Eco-friendly if they support in the reduction of energy used in the building.

It is very difficult to identify the Eco-friendly materials because all the materials will not have the properties same as the eco-friendly materials.

Sources of Eco-friendly materials:

Renewable source of energy:

Renewable energy sources are the sources which can be repeatedly used. The best examples of the renewable energy are wind energy, solar energy, wood from the forests, bio mass and thermal energy.

Reuse of waste materials:

The waste produced can be recycled and can be reused. The best example of recycled products is that the agricultural and industrial wastes.

Used to reduce pollution:

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Air pollution:

Air pollution can be reduced by using the materials which emits low VOC. The examples of the materials which emits low VOC are Cement paints.

Water pollution:

Water pollution can be reduced or avoided by using the materials which prevents leaching or draining.

Land pollution:

The materials which will not be reused may result in the landfills.

Life span and Durability of eco-friendly materials:

Based on the performance, the materials can be eco-friendly. The amount of material required can be reduced by using certain techniques and materials. PVC pipes requires low maintenance and are durable to use.

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What is durability?

If the life of the material is longer, it is less required to replace the materials. So that the quantity of producing the materials can be reduced.

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  1. Bamboo particle board, Bamboo ply board, bamboo matting.
  2. Bricks which are dried in sun.
  3. For door and window shutters Ferro-cement boards are used.
  4. Slabs, pilings and precast concrete cement blocks.
  5. Modular elements which are structural and non -structural.
  6. Boards and tiles made up of calcium.
  7. Cement paints are also one of the eco-friendly materials.
  8. Boards and tiles made up of calcium.
  9. Ferro-cement used for roofing the channels.

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