Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly Tee Online over Synthetic One


A. Introduction

Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly Tee Online over Synthetic One: The trend of sustainable fabric can be seen everywhere. Even renowned brands have been providing eco-friendly clothing solutions to the world. Maybe the cut or color of any garment grabs our attention, and perhaps it will be an essential factor of letting other things aside.

 Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly CLOTHES...arenteiro

But is it feasible to choose this way? Eco Watch says, “Fashion industry is polluting the world, and we should strive to make the world greener.” Customers should opt for smarter shopping to make less impact on the environment.

Do you want to know how? A copious amount of water and synthetic cotton – that’s enough to harm nature. Water is used globally, and it is polluted. Besides the environment-friendly nature, there are ample reasons to choose sustainable clothing over the synthetic ones.

Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly fabric Tee Online over Synthetic One.

Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly CLOTHES

Let’s discuss how choosing sustainable fibers can make a difference. What do you mean by the term ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’? A sustainable effort is a way to minimize environmental damage. Clothes featuring synthetic fibers promote the use of water and chemicals.

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By choosing organically made garments, we can minimize the use of them and contribute to a healthy environment. Low-impact dyes have adverse effects on our skin conditions, so we cannot favor them.

Popular brands like MI Terro produce eco-friendly clothes from milk waste. Even their properties are far better than synthetic ones.

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B. Facts that you should know about Sustainable Clothing and Synthetic Fibers

Preferring an eco-friendly tee online is a better option than any other. Before delving into the matter, have a look at the following information.

Uses of fabric Eco-friendly Tee

Ø Clothing Dyes:

There are varieties of dyes used to make synthetic fibers. Regular colors contain harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde and carcinogens. This is clear that our clothes contain such chemicals. Such chemicals have a bad effect on our bodies as well as on the environment.

The dyes used on a finished garment are stable, but they are complex materials. The prolonged contact of them affects our skin; chemicals are directly absorbed in the bloodstream.

There are some dangerous consequences, including skin rashes, seizures, breathing difficulties, and headaches. GOTS or global organic standard dye is a safer alternative to use over them.

Ø Avoid Conventional Cotton Crops: 

Customers should prefer milk yarn or milk made t-shirts over the outfits made of conventional cotton crops. There are regarded as the dirtiest in the world. Why are they not suitable to use? A significant amount of pesticides and insecticides is used in conventional cotton crops. Think of their consequences.

Terrible! The unsustainable farming of cotton is one of the main factors responsible for the destruction of our ecosystem. Their effects can be seen in people’s lives. These harm one’s health. This is another to choose natural fiber over synthetic ones.

 Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly CLOTHES...arenteiro

Ø Sustainable Fibber:

Choosing clothes made of sustainable fibers is a better option to choose over the synthetic ones. Natural yarn is produced without the use of pesticides and insecticides. They are free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can ruin our environment. They do not have any adverse effects on our skin conditions.

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The above reasons are ample to understand the difference between the synthetic fibers and natural ones. Now we are going to discuss how natural fibers are made and why you should choose them.

Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly Tee

C. Why you should Choose Organic Clothing

Besides its utility, organic clothing is suitable for your conscience. Many textile industries use the best and natural approach to promote sustainable clothing.

Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly Tee ..arenteiro

The following benefits of natural fiber will show why you should choose a soft tee online.

Eco-friendly materials

Hypoallergenic in Nature:

 Hypo allergic clothes do not cause any allergic reactions to your skin. There are safe for use. Many people show sensitivity to synthetic clothes. Their skin starts showing rashes after coming into contact.

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Soft fabrics are soft to feel and do not show any harshness on the skin. The texture of soft clothing is the main reason to choose them. Clothes made of silk yarn are three times softer than cotton.

Moisture-wicking Technology:

The fibers having moisture-wicking properties absorb moisture from the body. The high-tech technology is opposite to cotton and does not absorb water. Cotton becomes very heavy after becoming wet. Garments made of yarn can are soft and light-weight.


Natural fibers easily block ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun. UV rays have harmful effects on skin conditions. It can even lead to cancer.


The natural yarn contains microscopic silver particles that kill order-producing bacteria naturally. Maybe you will find anti-bacterial technology in synthetic clothes, but they use artificial technologies that can harm the environment.

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The natural fabric is breathable and is ventilated. It allows the diffusion of water molecules. Thus it acts in two ways – resisting water droplets and emitting into the atmosphere. The stretchable fabric can stretch and gives your body the fit as required.

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