Effective ways to learn spoken English online

Effective ways to learn spoken English online

Most of the people often find it difficult to speak English although they are good at writing or reading it. The most common reason is a lack of confidence and practice. People find it embarrassing to use wrong grammar or fumble while speaking. There are obvious reasons for one to have a proper hold while speaking English. It is the most spoken language and you can go to any part of the world and find a company with whom you can communicate at ease. Be it corporate or any other place if you are good at speaking English, you will be able to express yourself clearly and will also help you boost your confidence. Today I will tell you some effective ways to improve your spoken English within a short period.


Effective ways to learn spoken English online


Justlearn is one of the English tutors online platform where you can learn any language you desire. There can be numerous reasons you find it difficult to speak English or any other language. At just learned, you can choose a teacher of your choice from any part of the world. All the tutors on just learning to go from a series a verification to be a tutor there who will take your personalized lesson a one-on-one session where you can be frank to them about any difficulty.

The reason to choose just learned is quite simple. Here, you can have flexible timing choosing lectures at whatever time you are available. Also, sometimes people find it difficult to understand things in English, so the tutors will help you understand in your native language. Justlearn will be sure of great help in learning a new foreign language.

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No human comes up with the magic pills to speak any language fluently without fumbling. Everyone needs to practice a lot to speak any language—one of the best ways to learn spoken English hide in itself. One must speak, speak, and speak to get boost their confidence, to get a habit of speaking, to learn how to pronounce, to learn proper pauses while speaking and a lot more things. One can be good at writing articles, blogs, etc. in English but find it difficult when it comes to the speaking part. All you got to do is present yourself every time you have an opportunity to speak, and you will see yourself comfortable speaking within a few weeks.



Everyone has their self-dictionary of words. Some might know 500 different English words some might know 1000 and some might 5000. Every time they speak, they frame their sentences from their own self dictionary. It is but obvious the more you know, the better you speak. Every time you listen to someone speaking tries to find out words you might not know and note down those words and try to implement such words in your regular interactions. It will help you improve your vocabulary, and you will be able to express yourself more Clearly.


One of the most effective ways to learn and speak English is reading. “Think before you speak. Read before you think.” The quote by Fran Lebowitz tells us the actual process of speaking starts from reading. The more you read, the more you will counter new words, phrases, slangs, etc. It would help if you used such phrases and words in your day to day life to make a habit of using all that you have a counter. Reading is a key way to learn any new language.

Record your voice 

Some might find this strange and might be wondering how recording our voices will help us improve our spoken English. However, you often forgot what you said, and it is really hard then to rectify your mistakes and to make sure you won’t commit the same mistake again. Recording our voices will help us find if we are taking proper pauses, proper pronunciation, grammar, etc.

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