All You Need To Know About Prince2 Practitioner Exam

All You Need To Know About Prince2 Practitioner Exam

Nowadays, over a million project managers are using Prince2 in countries internationally in private and public sector projects. Its attention to good and rigor governance makes it a famous standard for many organizations. With the use of this project, it got easier for companies and organizations to judge one’s capability of managing scenarios. Furthermore, it also helps to improve projects for different stages.

All You Need To Know About Prince2 Practitioner Exam

Here is a guide in which my aim is to answer every basic question. Also, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Prince2 Practitioner Exam.

What is Prince2?

Let’s start with the most basic question: what is Prince2? Prince2 is one of the most extensively used project management methodologies. Additionally, the owner of this project boasts over 1 million users in over 150 countries.

Nevertheless, it deserves to be a widely used project. As it emphasizes good and rigorous governance. Moreover, thorough governance makes it ideal for critical projects. The government of the United Kingdom developed Prince2 to improve the public sector project control.

What Is Prince2 Practitioner Exam And Certification?

The Prince2 Practitioner Exam is taken in order to give the Prince2 Practitioner certificate. It is appropriate for anyone who is managing projects. It could be a role that involves the management of a project as part of the day to day work. Or, it could also be as a part of a formal project management function.

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If you pass the Prince2 Practitioner Exam, you can achieve the certificate. The certificate aims to confirm that you have enough knowledge and understanding to tailor and apply the method in various environmental projects and scenarios.

If you attain your qualification in the exams, you can become an effective and successful project manager. In order words, this practitioner exam is a test in order to know your capability and knowledge about being a project manager.

Are Prince2 Practitioner Exams Difficult?

Many people think that this exam is difficult. Let me tell you whether it is or not. It is multiple-choice questions, but not as you think. Basically, the aim of this exam is to test your knowledge of how you can apply the PRINCE2 knowledge in a real project.

So, if you prepare nicely and are familiar with the objective testing format, you will take the exams with confidence and a high chance of success.

Some Pro Tips To Ace The Prince2 Practitioner Exam

Although, it is not easy to pass the Prince2 Practitioner Exam in the first attempt. But, here are a few tips that can help you make your exam day simpler.

All You Need To Know About Prince2 Practitioner Exam

Go Through The Answers

As this exam if of multiple choice, you will have to choose the right answer from the provided multiple options. Firstly, observe the language used in the answers. Secondly, avoid choosing answers that say “must”, “always”, or “all”.

Write Few Keypoint In The Manual

Luckily, the Prince2 Practitioner exam is an open book exam. Besides this, you can take your manual along with you to the exam room. For instance, write some key points in the manual which would be helpful for you.

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Effective Time Management

The total duration of this exam is 2.5 hours only. So divide your time wisely and use equal time for every question. Similarly, there are two approaches to effective time management :

Go Through The Questions Twice

Go through your exam paper twice. First, leave all the difficult questions and answer all the easy ones.

Do Not Stick To The Difficult Questions

Allot every question equal time but do not stick to the difficult ones if you do not know the answer.


The Prince2 Practitioner exam is spread all over the world in private and public sectors. Moreover, it’s good governance makes it a famous standard for many organizations. This article is our giant guide to you with some pro tips to ace this exam.

Furthermore, it remains compulsory for projects that spend money to use Prince2 in the UK. But, now an extensive range of organizations in all sectors and industries use it. Also, it is not only used in the UK but it is used all over the world.

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