Emma Argues with Principal Figgins

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins



Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to stand up for what you believe in, even if it meant arguing with someone in a position of authority? In the hit TV show “Glee,” one of the most memorable moments comes when Emma Pillsbury, a guidance counselor, finds herself in a heated argument with Principal Figgins. This confrontation not only showcases Emma’s determination and strength but also highlights the importance of fighting for what you believe is right, even when faced with opposition.

The Incident at McKinley High

The incident that led to the argument between Emma and Principal Figgins took place during a school assembly. A new policy regarding extracurricular activities was announced, causing concern and frustration among many students, including Emma.

Emma’s Perspective

Emma’s Concerns

Emma’s concerns stemmed from her passion for extracurricular activities. She believed that the new policy would hinder students’ opportunities to explore their interests outside of academics. Feeling strongly about this issue, Emma decided to voice her concerns.

Her Attempt to Communicate

Emma, determined to make her voice heard, approached Principal Figgins to discuss her concerns. She believed that open communication was the key to resolving conflicts and finding common ground. However, the conversation did not go as smoothly as she had hoped.

Principal Figgins’ Stand

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins

School Policies and Rules

Principal Figgins, tasked with maintaining order and upholding school policies, had a different perspective. He emphasized the importance of rules and regulations in ensuring a structured learning environment for all students.

Communication Breakdown

Despite his intentions, there was a communication breakdown between Principal Figgins and Emma. The clash of perspectives led to a heated argument, leaving both parties frustrated and feeling unheard.

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Emma’s Argument with Principal Figgins


Principal Figgins sits behind his desk, looking stern. Emma stands in front of him, her face determined.

EMMA Principal Figgins, I really think you’re making a mistake here.

PRINCIPAL FIGGINS (leaning forward) Emma, I understand your concerns, but we have policies in place for a reason.

EMMA But this policy is outdated and unfair! It doesn’t take into account individual circumstances.

Principal Figgins raises an eyebrow, clearly unconvinced.

PRINCIPAL FIGGINS Emma, we can’t bend the rules for every student who disagrees with them.

EMMA (exasperated) I’m not asking you to bend them for everyone. I’m asking you to consider this specific situation.

Principal Figgins sighs and leans back in his chair.

PRINCIPAL FIGGINS Emma, we have to maintain order and consistency in the school.

EMMA (leaning in) Order and consistency should not come at the expense of fairness and understanding!

Principal Figgins looks at Emma, contemplating her words.

PRINCIPAL FIGGINS Emma, I appreciate your passion, but we have a responsibility to uphold the rules.

EMMA And we also have a responsibility to treat each student as an individual, not just a name on a piece of paper.

The room falls into a tense silence. Principal Figgins studies Emma, seemingly deep in thought.

PRINCIPAL FIGGINS (softening) Alright, Emma. I’ll take some time to reconsider the situation.

Emma’s face brightens with hope.

EMMA Thank you, Principal Figgins. I believe that’s all I’m asking for.

They exchange a nod, and Emma leaves the office, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Challenging the Status Quo

Emma’s argument with Principal Figgins also challenges the status quo and the traditional approach to education. She questions why the school is so resistant to change and why they continue to teach the same outdated curriculum year after year. Emma believes that education should evolve with society and reflect the needs and interests of the students. By challenging the status quo, she encourages others to question the systems in place and work towards creating a more inclusive and progressive learning environment. Emma’s courage to challenge authority and push for change inspires others to join her cause and strive for a better education system.

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The Power of Persistence

Throughout the argument, Emma displays incredible persistence. Despite facing opposition and skepticism, she remains determined to make her voice heard. She doesn’t give up easily and continues to fight for what she believes in. Emma’s persistence pays off when she finally convinces Principal Figgins to consider her proposal. This victory not only brings about positive change within the school but also serves as a reminder of the power of persistence and the importance of standing up for what you believe in, even when the odds are against you.


Emma’s argument with Principal Figgins in “Glee” is a powerful example of standing up for one’s beliefs and fighting for positive change. Her determination, passion for inclusion, and persistence inspire others to challenge the status quo and work towards creating a better and more inclusive education system. It serves as a reminder that sometimes we need to argue with authority figures to bring about necessary changes and ensure a brighter future for all.


  1. How did the conflict between Emma and Principal Figgins start?

    • The conflict began during a school assembly when a new extracurricular policy was announced.
  2. Were any changes made to the policy as a result of the conflict?

    • Yes, several adjustments were implemented to address Emma’s concerns while still upholding school policies.
  3. What role did the mediator play in resolving the conflict?

    • The mediator facilitated productive conversations and helped both parties understand each other’s perspectives.
  4. How did the resolution impact the school community?

    • The resolution had a positive impact, highlighting the importance of open communication and compromise.
  5. What is the key lesson learned from this incident?

    • The incident emphasized the significance of effective communication, empathy, and finding common ground in conflict resolution.