An Expert’s Guide to Furniture Shopping

An Expert’s Guide to Furniture Shopping

Did your past furniture purchase disappoint you? Was the furniture quality not as good as you expected? Then it’s time to learn some furniture shopping tips. You need to gain a grasp over quality indicating parameters. However, if don’t wish to get trapped again into nasty surprises and waste your savings, then have a look at quality parameters.

Given below are the signs of quality that you need to check while shopping furniture

Parameter 1: Materials

The most obvious sign of quality is furniture material.

  • For more durability and resistivity against staining, leather furniture pieces are considered better alternatives.
  • Unlike fabric, leather does not absorb odors.
  • For wooden furniture such as study table design, dining table, or sofa, opt for thick plywood or solid wood.
  • Avoid particleboard and clipboard based furniture as it is more susceptive to warping and cracking.

Parameter 2: Number of Pieces

This is especially applicable to wooden furniture pieces. A furniture piece integrating a major portion carved out of a single piece will be more robust than the one made of small individual pieces. The more the number of parts furniture has, the lesser would be its durability. Small pieces glued together are more prone to getting pulled apart. Damage in a single part can affect the whole furniture piece. While the furniture that has continuously built will not be vulnerable to such issues.

Parameter 3: Integrated Joineries

When shopping for wooden furniture, assess the corner joints. This is beneficial for gauging the quality of chairs, tables, dresser drawers, and sofas online. Strong joints indicate finesse in furniture’s craftsmanship. They maintain the furniture in good shape for a long time. Alternatively, if joints are weak there are chances the furniture may get deformed sooner.

  • Dovetail joints that boast an interlocking pattern are deemed stronger.
  • Corner blocks that are attached diagonally across corners enhance furniture stability.
  • Glued and stapled joints are not good because they tend to buckle.
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Parameter 4: Moving Parts

  • Quality furniture pieces integrate metallic moving parts.
  • Drawers with wood or plastic slides are susceptive to bending, thereby posing issues in opening and closing.
  • Avoid plastic wheels and bearings in drawer slides as they do not render performance and require frequent replacements.
  • When purchasing a recliner, check its reclining mechanism. High-grade recliners facilitate easy open and close, without producing any strained noises.

Parameter 5: Cushions

When purchasing furniture that requires a cushion look for following quality signs:

  • It is better to opt for reversible cushions as they have a second surface which makes them last longer.
  • Quality cushions have solid high-density foam stuffing. Apart from this, spring, down-filled, and synthetic compound filled cushions also deliver appreciable performance.
  • Never opt for shredded foam stuffed cushions as they fail to hold their shape for long.
  • Every cushion should have an inner fabric liner or tick, underneath the upholstery to ensure proper support and protection.

So, are you ready to invest in new furniture? Examine the aforementioned quality signs carefully to get the right piece.

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