Faculty Attitudes about Student’s Disabilities

Faculty Attitudes about Student’s Disabilities

This survey analyzes Faculty attitudes towards disabilities in students. The survey focused on disabled students in universities. The research participants were the disabled students and the faculty of the university. A sample was used through the research. Disabled students in the university were the main consideration in this survey. Students should be allocated accommodations to promote their performance in the learning environment.

Quantitative part

Research questions are necessary for deriving the purpose of the essay. For example, do people with disabilities show less enthusiasm than non-disabled? I agree pretty much. Most people with disabilities do not worry anymore about anyone else. I disagree very much. Employers should not be allowed to fire disabled employees. I agree very much. Most people with disabilities tend to get discouraged easily. I agree with a little. Through the interview, review of various documents and online surveys; there are those students affected by medical disabilities while others with hidden disabilities and their classroom needs should be fulfilled. As per the resilience theory, there is an excellent need to offer accommodations to learners with disabilities for classroom well-being.

The number of disabled students has dramatically increased over the years in many countries. Elimination of barriers affecting students with disabilities has contributed to not a small number of students in higher institutions. As a result, the famous Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in America to outlines the guidelines that should be followed by various schools, to accommodate students with multiple disabilities. Academic gaps in the past were familiar especially with disabled students, but nowadays academic accommodations have tried to ensure equality is maintained in higher institutions, concerning access to educational facilities. As per American laws, all these disabled students need to be catered for in learning institutions. All the opportunities in higher education should favor disabled students, and each faculty has to find a unique way to accommodate various disabilities in students. Therefore, the essay describes how handicapped students are assisted in higher institutions to ensure they enjoy educational opportunities. More so, attitudes toward disabled students are analyzed. csuf portal, csuf login portal

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Faculty Attitudes about Student’s Disabilities

A demographic questionnaire is essential in analyzing data which entails the following; staff ranks: {} Full professor, {} Associate professor, {} Assistant professor, {} Lecturer. Gender: {} Male, {} Female. Staff Status: {} Full time, {} Part-time. Years of experience: {}. As per the online survey, faculty attitude should concentrate on enabling students of both sexes to access materials in the lecture halls of active learning. The assessment was done to get views towards people with disabilities. Several questions were asked like: Are people with disabilities usually friendly? The response was I agree pretty much. Do people with disabilities have a normal social life? I agree a little is the response. Can workers with disabilities be as successful as other workers? The response is I agree very much. People feel uncomfortable when they associate with people with disabilities? I disagree very much. Such questions were used to assess people’s attitudes towards those with disabilities. Adjustments should be made to allow disabled ladies to attend lectures without feeling guilty. Gentlemen should also be catered for by their leaders. More so, all the tests done should be made available to them. There is a significant gender effect if disabled students are not supported in higher institutions. For instance, attitudinal barriers make such students not to perform well in their courses. A federal mandate known as section 504 in more top institutions facilitates the offering of quality accommodations to disabled students of both genders. Faculty attitude to disabled students is encouraging positive thoughts and ideas in all students to request accommodations in colleges. More so, no gender should be discriminated against. There should be a similarity in offering tests, and all professors should enforce this strategy in academics.

Postsecondary education staff should accommodate stakeholders of all abilities without discriminating with disabled individuals. Staff ranks should be offered relatively, and opportunities need to be given to disabled teachers. Moreover, students’ leaders should at least have a representative of the disabled students. This will be instilling a positive attitude toward disabled students. They will feel appreciated and supported in higher institutions when they identify one of their own getting involved in administrative duties.


Also, the empirical literature describes the importance of accommodation to disabled students. Staff status should be in a position to accommodate all students. Alternative resources are supposed to reach to all disabled students. This will facilitate a better follow up of classroom materials, and this improves academic performance. Faculty attitude should help students to feel free as they grow in their experiences and nurture their talents.

Qualitative Part

Some students with disabilities have been served in tertiary schools. The University has the following reported categories of accommodation which are divided into six. Instructional category, here we have to mix hearing and talking like students handing over papers for class. For those who do not hear are given more written materials. Physical category, the location was changed for intellectuals with a hearing problem to reduce time wastage before reaching classes. Assignment accommodations, where revision of papers was done, Scheduling was made easy and more time was allowed for them to complete their assignments. Testing accommodations, merely showing that during the tests various aspects were considered like being given essay exams instead of the natural multiple choice exams. More so, exams were being administered at environment-friendly sites. Personal assistance, whereby lecturing was done on a face to face interview while listening very carefully to what was being said or done. Feedback was received, and the students guided accordingly. Peer instruction, through which the students were tutoring each other, and asking their partners if possible to write notes for them.

There was a lack of knowledge when it came to policies related to students with disabilities. Faculty presented essential grievances they felt were sensitive to the living of persons with disabilities. They reported the needs three times. They tried to find support for students who had learning and mental disabilities. Reasonable accommodations were administered to an individual’s unique needs. The board provides accommodation as a shared will between the organization and the faculty. Accommodations are vital necessities in any academic setting that ensure students with disabilities are treated equally in education.

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Reasonable accommodation follows required academic standards of the University and program alteration is not needed in it. The dominant paradigm of ‘ABC’ attitude, behavior, and choice is necessary to be discussed. The Faculty provides insight into why the social theory is so marginalized and assists to examine opportunities for putting resources into better use. Accessibility is the act of something or someone to be reached. Assessors aim when interviewing, is engaging a natural style of communication with the disabled. Questions that can be asked will be based on who is present? Will the interview be conducted through face to face, writing or via phone? Faculties who provide training have suggested that student’s mastery of content is right when they are assessed orally. During training, assessors are told not to record notes since they can use it for social media purposes, and this will lead to loss of academic accommodation. Some students with visual or hearing impairment will require someone to read aloud as they put down in writing. A lot of students all over the world cannot cope with writing their papers and submitting them timely. That’s why some of them prefer addressing professional essay writing services like SmartWritingService to get their papers written from scratch. Such academic writing services are committed to providing high-quality essay writing assistance for students with disabilities.

Recommendations are essential to advise future professors to support learners with disabilities. Results presented reflect only attitudes of faculty in a few institutions. Future studies should go on with examining differences based on disabilities’ type. Students with reading disabilities should be provided with oral skills

In conclusion, there is a great need to support disabled students in higher institutions. Accommodations should be offered to them for individual well-being. This well-being will help them to improve in academics.

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