How much does it cost to register an OPC in India?

How much does it cost to register an OPC in India?

How much does it cost to register an OPC in India: One Person Company Registration (OPC), a newly-introduced concept in the formation of companies in the Companies Act 2013. According to the Companies Act 1956, if a person wants to start a business by registering a company then at least two persons were needed because this is the requirement of the law. However, if individual desires to register his own business solely then the only option left is the proprietorship firm registration.

But in today’s scenario, a person can start his own business without the involvement of the second party by registering a company also and the name of the company is One Person Company. An only a single person is required who will act as a member and director also in OPC.

Salient Features

  • Only one individual can be a part or an investor.
  • This organization can be enrolled uniquely as a Private company.
  • OPC might be enrolled either a company limited by share or a company limited by guarantee or an unlimited company.
  • In OPC a least one director is mandatory. However, the company may have a maximum number of 15 directors.
  • There is a concept of nominee also in the case of One Person Company.
  • There is no minimum cap of the paid-up capital in the company.
  • The word “OPC” shall be used mandatorily in the name of the company. For example: – ABC (OPC) Private Limited.
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Eligibility Norms For Incorporation And Nominee Member

A natural person who is an Indian Citizen and resident in India is permitted to form an OPC. During incorporation of OPC, the proposed director of OPC is required to appoint his nominee and his name shall have to be mentioned in the Memorandum of Association of the OPC. All the documents of the nominee will be attached while incorporation. There is no requirement for the creation of DSC of the nominee.

  1. A candidate for OPC must be an individual who is an Indian resident or citizen.
  2. A person can act as a nominee in one OPC at a time.

The Nominee so selected will turn into the member in the following situation

  1. In the occasion of the sole member’s demise; or
  2. In the occasion of the sole part, getting disables to contract.

A nominee so selected, is required to give his assent in the arrangement of INC-3, which is an E-Form, and this is required to be recorded with the ROC at the time of incorporation. A nominee has a full option to draw out his assertion he desires so.

The following cannot be a member of OPC

  1. A minor is not eligible to become a member or nominee of the OPC.
  2. Foreign citizen.
  3. Non-resident.
  4. A person incapacitated to contract.
  5. Persons are other than natural persons (living human beings).

Process of OPC Registration with their estimated cost

  • First, apply for Digital Signature Certificate for the proposed Director. The expense of the DSC shifts between Rs. 600-800 for a single executive.
  • Apply for Name Approval Application. The Government fee of this form is Rs. 1000.
  • After name endorsement, legal records of the organization will be drafted.
  • Here all legally signed documents will be uploaded at the MCA Portal.
  • E-forms are required to be downloaded and affix DSC of proposed subscribers.
  • E-forms names are SPICE Plus along with the E-MOA, E-AOA, AGILE PRO, and INC-9.
  • After completing the process, the forms required to be submitted to the Registrar of the company by using the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Portal.
  1. After submission of forms, a challan will be generated for incorporation, and the challan amount will be calculated as per the Authorised capital of company and State where the registered office is situated.
  2. In other words, the cost to register an OPC in India depends upon the capital amount and the place of registration.
  3. The cost of challan varies from company to company.
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For example, The cost amount of OPC incorporation in Delhi with 1 Lakh Authorised capital and for 10 Lakh Capital is not the same. Here the state is the same but the Capital amount is different. One Person Company CompliancesSame as cost amount of OPC Incorporation with 1 Lakh capital in Delhi differs from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Here State is different while Capital is the same.

So for estimating the exact amount of challan that is required to be pay to the government, there is one option available at MCA that is Enquire Fee. Here you can calculate the amount of stamp duty before registering a company by mentioning state and capital amount. It would be more beneficial to calculate the fees of registration of One Person Company in India.

Points to remember

  • OPC can’t do non-banking financial activities.
  • OPC can’t get changed over to a private or public limited company except if 2 years have been elapsed from the date of incorporation.
  • OPC can’t get changed over to section 8 companies.

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