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How To Find The Best Collagen Supplements

How To Find The Best Collagen Supplements

If you are worried about their skin and health, you should read this article. In this article, we will talk about collagen and the best Collagen Supplements.

Over years, there have been hundreds of skincare products and cosmetics claiming to repair skin and hair damage. Anti-aging creams and serums, skin tightening pills and capsules, hair strengthening oils, etc, are not new for us. We all have tried some or maybe all of these products at least once.

And suddenly, this new thing came and people became fans of it. That new thing is nothing but collagen. If you have never heard about this word before, you are at the right place.


How To Find The Best Collagen Supplements

By the end of this article, you will know everything about collagen and collagen supplements. In this article, we will discuss things like what is collagen? What is the role of collagen? What are its uses? How to prevent the loss of collagen from our skin? What are collagen supplements? And the best Collagen Supplements that you can find and make your skin and health better.

Before you know which type of collagen supplements you should buy, let’s talk about collagen and its role in our bodies.

Collagen and its role in our bodies

Collagen is a type of protein secreted in our bodies. It is present in most of our body muscles, skin, bones, and cartilage. Collagen is present in the extracellular matrix of our skin tissues. An extracellular matrix is a subtle network of different types of proteins that support the cells and tissues of our body and give a proper structure to it.

Collagen plays a vital role in the formation of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts form a fibrous network that helps in the formation of new cells in our body. Some types of collagen also protect the important organs of our body like the kidneys, by forming a protective covering over them.

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As we grow old, the production of collagen in our bodies decreases. Due to this reason, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear on our skin. The depletion in the production of collagen is huge in women, especially after menopause. As you read above, best Collagen Supplements play an important role in our bodies and therefore, is a very important protein. Thus, when the production of collagen starts decreasing, people start using skincare and cosmetic products that contain collagen and take collagen supplements for the betterment of their health.

Now let’s see the uses of collagen in the medical field.

Uses of collagen

The best thing about collagen is that it is resorbable. Resorbable is a biological term that means to absorb something again. Luckily collagen can be broken down and absorbed back into our bodies. It can also be converted in the form of powder, pills or capsules, liquid, and gel.

The fact that collagen occurs naturally in our body, and is helpful in various functions of our body, makes it a vital ingredient in various medical surgeries and processes. The collagen used for medical purposes is generally extracted from cows, pigs, or fishes. The collagen extracted from the skin of fish is known as marine collagen.

Collagen is used in various tissue regeneration surgeries. Surgeons use membranes made of collagen for different implants to increase the growth of cells in that specific body part. Collagen barriers are also used for the healing of various wounds as they increase the rate of healing. The other advantage of using collagen barriers is that they are resorbable. Hence, there is no need of getting them removed after the surgery.

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Collagen is also used in the making of vascular prosthetics. Collagen tissues received from donors are used in this process. Collagen injections are also available to be used as skin fillers. These injections are used to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the skin.

Best Collagen Supplements

Collagen injections or fillers can also be used in improving skin that contains depression or scars. It might not make the scars make disappear, but collagen injections lighten the scars and improve the quality of the skin. Collagen injections or fillers are made from the collagen extracted from cows or humans.

Collagen also helps in the revitalization of the skin. Since it helps in cell growth, it can also help in the revitalization of the skin and make it glow again. There are a lot of skin care products available on websites and at cosmetic stores that claim to revitalize the skin. Almost all of them contain collagen and claim to increase the collagen levels in our bodies.

Now I hope you have enough information about collagen, its role in the human body, and its uses in the medical field. Let’s look at what are some Best Collagen Supplements and their benefits.

Best Collagen Supplements

Now you know the exact reason why collagen is important for our bodies. If you are planning to buy some of the Best Collagen Supplements for yourself and your family, do not go anywhere.

But before you go ahead and add some collagen supplements to your shopping list, keep in mind a few things. Make sure which type of collagen supplements you want. They come in various types like flavored and unflavoured powders, capsules, peptides, etc. Choose supplements that suit your body and match your needs.

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Make sure to take a look at the ingredients in the supplements. Check if you have allergies to any ingredients. Once you decide on the supplement you want, confirm its dosage with a good dietician.

Here is a list of some of the Best Collagen Supplements:

Flavored collagen powders: Thorne Collagen Plus, Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen

Unflavoured collagen powders: Further Food Collagen Peptides, Cureveda GLOW plant-based collagen powder, Ozvia Plant-Based Collagen Builder

Collagen drinks: Revive Collagen Premium Liquid Marine Collagen Drinks, Vital Proteins Collagen Water

Collagen capsules: Youtheory Collagen, SheNeed Collagen Booster Capsules

Apart from these, vegan collagen capsules and powder are also available for vegan people. Now that you have your collagen handbook with you, go buy yourself some of the Best Collagen Supplements!

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