Five Reasons to Get a Defense Attorney for a Criminal Case

Five Reasons to Get a Defense Attorney for a Criminal Case

Although representing yourself in a criminal trial might sound less expensive, you should avoid it. When defending yourself, you could lose so much more money than just hiring an experienced lawyer. Sometimes it’s not even about the money, you might end up paying something worse than cash, such as years of your life spent in prison.


Five Reasons to Get a Defense Attorney for a Criminal Case

For an inexperienced person, navigating the minefield of the complicated criminal justice system can be exhausting. Therefore, hiring a lawyer can be very necessary. According to a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, winning a case is always better with a lawyer, and this is especially true of criminal cases. Thus, these are the reasons why you should not represent yourself in a criminal case.

Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in a Criminal Case

You have a legal right to represent yourself, but it’s a bad idea to do so when facing criminal charges. Here are five reasons why:

1. You Are Unaware of the Law

Although the law is a part of every society, you only have a basic understanding of how it works. Therefore, if you’ve broken some rules, it’s safe to say you might have zero ideas of what rules you have broken.

If it’s a criminal case, you’ve probably broken more than one rule. These can add up and lead to a heavier fine or extended time in jail or prison. Without knowledge of the law, it isn’t easy to defend yourself in court. However, your lawyer has spent years and years studying law.

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2. You Might Get Emotional

Representing yourself might make you nervous. Getting emotional in court is a huge problem when it comes to defending yourself. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it might cloud your judgment, affecting what others think of you.

When in court, there’s a high expectation that you act professionally. Getting angry or crying while trying to explain your innocence affects how people see you. This type of unprofessional behavior might lead to the judge dismissing your case.

3. You Have Zero Experience

Most people have never appeared in court. Representing yourself will pit you against the opposing attorney, who has more knowledge, training, and experience than you’ll ever have. Since you have never argued motions, interviewed witnesses, and presented opening and closing arguments, you don’t stand a chance.

There’s a lot you need to know in order to present your case in the best light, and you can’t do that on your own. For that reason, hiring an attorney is crucial since he or she knows all of that.

4. You Will Impress Nobody

In movies, when protagonists represent themselves, we tend to be amazed by their courage. However, nobody cares in reality. You may tend to believe you have what it takes to defend yourself in a criminal case; unfortunately, that’s not the case.

You simply don’t understand the law or terms used in court, so don’t expect the prosecutor and judge to be impressed by this step. Your sentences sound the same to their ears.

5. There’s a Lot of Paperwork Involved

You’ve likely seen the hundreds of different files and folders in a lawyer’s office. When working a case, the law calls for you to go through a lot of paperwork. So instead of handling all that paperwork, you can hire an attorney to do that for you. Not only will the lawyer fill in the paperwork, but he or she will also do countless checks to ensure your case is not jeopardized.

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Representing Yourself Isn’t Worth the Risk

The chances of prevailing in your case without an attorney are very slim. Statistics show that the people who defend themselves usually lose. Thus, by the time you realize you’re in over your head, it will be too late to hire an attorney; therefore, if the court needs you for criminal matters, it’s best if you’d hire an experienced attorney to represent you.

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