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Hair treatments for men


Hair loss among men has become more widespread in the past few years. Paradoxical to earlier times, more men are now losing hair to the degree of baldness. The contemporary world has endured male balding becoming more of a trend than a rarity.

Experts have it directed at stress, pollution, genes, and poor nutrition as the primary causes. Hair treatments for men have become equally demanded, as lack of hair compromises the facial features. Everyone desires to look good in their skin. And, having less hair can take a toll on one’s confidence.



The normal amount of hair strands falling in a day oscillates between 50-100. When it exceeds more than that, people have a cause for concern. This condition is termed as Alopecia. This is the body’s reaction to the utmost stress and manifests in the form of hair loss.

Things like ill-health and lack of nutrition are also major triggers. Hair treatments for men can help revive the mane and contingent on the level of hair loss. Many treatments also encourage hair transplants and other measures to achieve the goal.

Many actors also suffer a similar fate because of excessive styling and hectic lives. They have been resorting to these treatments for many years now.


1) Stress is a major factor in causing hair fall. It triggers more androgens, which accelerates the secretion of hair-loss chemicals.

2) Smoking is a modern-day habit. Not only does it mar the body in other aspects, but it also prevents hair growth. By inhaling carbon dioxide, we are inhibiting blood from transporting oxygen and key nutrients to the follicles. Also, nicotine narrows blood vessels and restricts fresh hair from growing.


3) The lack of proper nutrients can also be credited to this cause. Hair is made of protein. In the lack of sufficient protein, hair fall is consequential. People should consume foods like tofu, almonds, walnuts, paneer, and milk because of their high protein levels. Green tea is also effective as it inhibits Dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for hair loss.

4) Hormonal changes can also contribute to hair loss. Among men, the thyroid gland is responsible for hair loss because of hormonal changes.

5) Skin disorders such as psoriasis and lupus may be attributed as factors that cause permanent hair loss.

6) Certain medications can also have side-effects and induce hair loss.



1) Minoxidil: This is an FDA approved medication that can stunt hair fall. But on stopping its consumption, hair fall resumes. They originally used it to treat high blood pressure. But over time, people started noticing a spurt of hair growth.

That led to this medicine being used to prevent hair fall. The drug seems to impact the follicle by widening it, which stimulates a thicker hair strand.

2) Finasteride: Also known to slow down hair fall, various men have reduced hair fall using it.


They can additionally treat hair loss with surgery. This is a further comprehensive approach. It is known as hair transplant surgery. The process involves removing hair follicles from the back of the head and planting them on the scalp. The procedure is comprehended to be a success and restores hair count.

The surgeon begins by removing minuscule plugs of skin that are embedded with lesser hair. These are then planted at a point where hair follicles are inactive. By the end of the procedure, the person will still have the same amount of hair, but it will be more evenly spread. This gives the illusion of a fuller head.

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Low-level laser therapy

LLT is a type of light and heat treatment that induces hair growth. The process involves stimulating epidermal stem cells in the follicle and shifting the follicle back into the cycle’s growth phase.


Oil is the holy grail of our hair. It provides moisture to it and retains the shine. By applying coconut oil or almond oil overnight, we let it replenish the hair and generate moisture.

Having a wholesome diet that incorporates an abundance of protein is also imperative. People should likewise focus on being well-rested and getting enough exercise. Exercising boosts blood flow which incites hair growth.


Hair fall in the modern world is like an epidemic infesting most men—the dearth of self-care and utilizing harsh products on the mane all point to the loss of hair. By making rudimentary changes in one’s lifestyle and habits, people can evade this trouble. Unequivocally it is a strenuous process but imbibing good habits at an early stage can curtail a lot of trouble.

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