10 Hidden Causes For Your Fatigue: Why Do You Lack Energy All Day?

10 Hidden Causes For Your Fatigue: Why Do You Lack Energy All Day

It often happens that already in the middle of the day a person feels tired, fatigued, drowsy, and lethargic. Many are ready to blame everything on lack of sleep and overwork. But there are other reasons for the lack of energy.


Why You Lack Energy?

There are many reasons for the feeling of fatigue, lethargy, and a lot of drowsiness. Let’s consider some of them.

1- Absence Of Breakfast 

It is a fact that the absence of breakfast cannot be replenished with subsequent meals. Without breakfast, the body will receive less glucose, and this is the main source of energy for the brain. As a result, a person who neglects breakfast is often unable to carefully concentrate attention, to think productively and positively.

Way Out:

Even if time is sorely lacking, a glass of yoghurt or a banana for breakfast will help out.

2- Stress

Anxiety and stress can be another cause of fatigue. Problems in the family or at work negatively affect health in general. With any nervous tension, the body begins to produce the hormone cortisol, which increases the content of fat and sugar in the blood. They, in turn, quickly saturate the brain, giving it an additional boost of energy.

Anxiety goes away and the body returns to its usual mode. If the stressful state sustains, the body will release cortisol incessantly. This leads to general lethargy and a weakened immune system.

Way Out:

Master breathing exercises. They calm the pulse and normalize blood pressure. They will help you focus on solving the problem, and not get hung up on worries.

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3- Not Enough Iron

Fatigue can be caused by low haemoglobin levels. Iron deficiency is manifested by a general weakness of the body. A routine blood test can help detect the problem. Anaemia is most often seen during pregnancy and after a long illness.

Way Out:

To replenish the lack of iron with the help of medicines or a special menu containing more cereals, walnuts, herbs, plums, chicken meat, etc.

4- Lack Of Fluid

If the drinking regime is not followed (at least 1.5 litres of liquid per day), the body begins to save energy. As a result, the muscles will receive less oxygen, and the person will get tired faster than usual. Also, due to excessive drinking alcohol, dehydration increases to a threatening level.

Way Out:

Carry a bottle of water with you and do not forget to drink it. Fulfil your thirst only with water, not from alcoholic drinks as they further drain the body. But if you have become addicted, there are specialized addiction treatments that can facilitate you on the recommendation of a specialist.

5- Taking Certain Medications

Regular use of pain relievers, antihistamines, or antidepressants can have the side effect of increased tiredness and fatigue. Even if the drug manufacturers do not indicate a similar side effect, the medication may be causing fatigue.

Way Out:

Consult a doctor and try to find an alternative to the medication.

6- Incorrect Posture

The poor posture requires more muscle, ligament, and joint tension to drain energy. Besides, when stooped, blood circulation in the body becomes more difficult, and the brain does not receive enough oxygen.

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Way Out:

Sit with a straight back, do not slouch. Distribute weight and load evenly, do simple posture correction exercises.

7- Sweets

Sweets are a source of “light” carbohydrates. They bring a short-term boost of vivacity, then the body spends much more energy, working on excess insulin in the blood.

Way Out:

Arrange snacks with banana, yoghurt, dried fruits, nuts, and not with cakes and sweets.

8- Poor Quality Sleep

Poor sleep means irregular or inadequate sleep. The reasons may be different: poorly darkened room, uncomfortable bed, pillow, stuffiness, and snoring. Even sufficient in duration, but inadequate sleep does not carry the desired regenerative effect.

Way Out: 

Eliminate the causes of poor sleep, go to bed, and get up at the same time.

9- Laziness

Paradoxically, lack of movement leads to body fatigue. And vice versa: an active lifestyle and playing sports improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, and energize the body.

Way Out:

Move more, even if you don’t want or have the opportunity to go in for sports.

10- Emotional Burnout

The state when nothing pleases and you want to close yourself off from the whole world. So that no one bothers, when it seems that there is no strength at all, psychologists call a syndrome of emotional burnout.

 This state is typical for people who have to communicate a lot with others – teachers, salesmen, managers, doctors, etc. Another category of it is monotonous work.

Monotonous Work

If there is a continuous routine at work, then soon life begins to seem empty and monotonous, not even happy with free time. If possible, change the sequence of work. Do the tasks a little differently. Like, distract yourself by talking with colleagues, take small pauses, buy a player with headphones, and listen to music.

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If your work is monotonous, then try to diversify life outside of it. For example, meet with friends. Find a hobby for your liking, or sports activities. Then the monotony of work will be less active.

Way Out:

You have to communicate with people all day long – you draw up documents, invoices, work in the information office, call centre, teach, or issue parcels at the post office.

At the same time, you must be polite and not rude to customers. And people can come across all sorts – rude, impatient, and generously splashing out their negativity on you.

By the end of the day, one kind of people makes you feel bad. With such work, you need to be able to psychologically distance yourself from unnecessary emotions. If possible, do not conflict at home and work. Master the techniques of relaxation and meditation and try to maintain a positive attitude.

Summing Up

Apart from constant work, several reasons lead to fatigue. We have provided the reasons along with the solutions to help you out. Read them carefully, so you become better and active.

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