Increase Your Flexibility By Taking Online Yoga Classes Through Glo

Increase Your Flexibility By Taking Online Yoga Classes Through Glo

I am a professional yoga instructor, and I believe everyone should feel relaxed when practicing yoga. Relaxation can help students to focus on their yoga poses and breathing techniques. This is why I encourage those who cannot attend classes at a gym or studio to take online yoga classes through Glo.

Glo is an online platform that was founded in 2007 by two brothers who want to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone. They believe yoga can help connect everyone together through self-care. You can download the platform to most compatible devices, including your laptop, smart TV, smartphone and tablet.


Increase Your Flexibility By Taking Online Yoga Classes Through Glo

You can find a wide range of yoga classes when you sign up for Glo, and this includes classes that improve flexibility. Flexibility classes can strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and decrease your pain. Here are several online yoga classes that offer flexibility. These classes are part of the Seven Days to Total Flexibility course with Glo.

Flexibility from the Ground Up

You are going to work from the ground up to increase your flexibility. It is designed to strengthen the muscles and joints in your lower back, legs and calves. The session includes stretching, seated poses, breathing and a savasana.

Wings of the Heart

The next class focuses on your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back. You are going to increase your flexibility through dynamic and static poses. When you are finished with your yoga, you can relax with a savasana.

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Unleash and Go

This online yoga class increases your flexibility and strengthens your body through dynamic, strength building, reverse warrior and gated poses. You are also going to practice your standing and seated twists to work on your torso and spine.

Rest Day Yay

Everyone needs a rest day when practicing yoga and flexibility, so you want to be sure to add a rest day to your schedule. When you take this class, you are going to start with a child’s pose, move onto a supported savasana and finish with seated meditation.

Get Grounded in Your Hips

You are going to focus on increasing the flexibility in your hips and hip joints with this online yoga class. The class includes poses such as the fire log, pigeon and baddha konasana. You can finish the class with a happy baby pose and savasana.

Freedom in Your Hips and Quads

Focus on your hips and quads with a class that builds heat and encourages movement. The yoga exercises include a crescent pose, head to the floor pose and wall poses. Once again, you can end the class with a relaxing savasana.

Total Body Awesome

The final class allows you to put everything together to increase the flexibility in your body. You are going to combine exercises such as the triangle, tree and frog poses with stretches to create an effective class. The yoga program concludes with a savasana.

It is best to check out the entire seven-day course on the Glo platform to get a better idea of each class. If you do not feel comfortable taking this course right away, I would recommend starting with some beginner classes in yoga and flexibility.

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Glo offers a 15-day free trial to all new students, and I feel it is a good deal if you want to test out the online yoga classes. You can find more than just flexibility classes on the Glo platform, which is why you may want to sign up for a monthly membership later.

I can tell you as a yoga instructor and enthusiast that it is worth it to take online yoga and meditation classes with Glo.

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