How to Download Bob Movies for pc and it’s Frequently asked questions

Bob Movies: The piracy site where many people come to watch the latest Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies is “Bob Movies”. One of the greatest torrent website for movies in the world wide is Bob Movies. This is the greatest site because it is the site where people can watch the latest movies in HD print. There is no other site which provides the movies in HD prints. This is the first website which provides the latest movies before other websites do. For uploading the copyright content, this site is banned in United States by Google.


BOB Movies Download

How to Download the Bob Movies Application?

If you are facing any difficulty in browsing then to make your work simple, easy and comfortable Bob movies is here. This application is more comfortable to use but the problem is that this website is having May advertisements. If you are downloading the movies by using the Bob Movies Apk, there are no such ads. To Download the Bob Movies app use the below button.

There are 2 ways to using download the movies
  1. UTorrent application
  2. Using the own application like uc browser or IDM

BOBMOVIES.NET Popular links for free download of HD Films



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About the Bob Movies Apk:

There are many features of this application by using which you get the differences between the app and the website.

When compared to the website, the app download speed is faster. There will be no ads in the app.

Name of the app Bob Movies
Size of the File: 3.09 MB
Requirement: 4.0 and above
Languages: Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil.
Last update on: 15.02.2017
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How to Access the Bob Movies Download Website?

I have already told you they Bob movies is a piracy site which means it is illegal. As this app is piracy, many countries people cannot access it. To access the Bob Movies follow the below-given steps.

Chrome web store

Here are the steps to be followed for Mobile:

1. Firstly, to change your location you need a VPN. There are many VPN apps, you can use any one of them.

2. After the completion of the installation process you have to open the VPN app and select the location of the US.

3. Then you have to check the IP address. If your IP address is changed you can have access to Bob Movies.

Bob Movies extension

Here is a Method for Desktop:

The method which we are going to use here is completely different from the method we used for Mobile phone. It is better to install the extension of VPN for the desktop. Tunnel Bear is the VPN extension which I recommend you to use.

Same as the mobile after installing VPN you have to setup your location as United States. As there is no registration required it is easy to use. After connecting to the VPN you can open the website of Bob Movies last and explore the movies you like.


How the movies are downloaded from Bob Movies?

As this application is piracy and all the content of it is also illegal. Using such apps is a big crime in the United States. Instead of using such illegal websites it’s better for you to goto a theater to watch the movie.


Instead you can watch them in a legal apps or else you can get the subscription of apps such as Amazon, Netflix, Hot star prime. Still If you are willing to download the movies from Bob Movies then follow the below given steps.

1. Firstly, Go to the browser and open the Bob Movies.

2. Then some latest uploaded movies will be displayed on the screen.

3. If you want other movies, then go to the search bar and search for the movie you want to see.

4. After finding the movie you want, click on the download option.

5. There will be up-to 5 ads and it is not so difficult to remove those adds.

6. If you are using a Laptop or a Computer then go to the chrome and search for the ‘Ads blocker’ which helps you to block the ads easily.

7. To make the downloading fast in a Computer, you can use ’IDM’ Software.

FAQ(Frequently asked question)

Is Bob Movies app safe to use?

Due to the copyright of content, Bob Movies is blocked from US. So in US people cannot use this application. And this is also a piracy app by using which is illegal. So it is clear that using this application is may get the punishments.

Why is this application so popular?

Because of its activeness, this post is most popular in US. As all the people will be eagerly waiting to watch the movie after the release, Bob movies will release them after the day of release in the theatre. Many people don’t have much time to go to the hall so many people prefer to watch movies online. So many people get the Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and Tamil movies for free.Examlabs AZ-400

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What is the Pirated content in Bob Movies?

Pirated content is nothing but uploading the content of other owners without their permission. Copying the others content without their permission is completely illegal. If a person does this thing he or she has to go to jail. Most of the countries allow the pirated content. So it is better not to use the pirated content.

Which languages are there in Bob Movies?

There are many online movie applications. There are many languages that are available in Bob Movies. They are

English, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, etc.

What are the punishments one gets if they upload the pirated movies?

If a person uploads piracy movies he will get the following punishments.

1. One should pay the fine of Rs10 lakhs.

2. The person may be imprisoned for 3 years.

3. Sometimes he has to pay 10 lakh rupees and also has to go to jail for 3 years.


As many people upload the movies online, the number of audience will be reduced. There will be a huge loss for the director. Almost all the story will be leaked by the torrent websites. Due to this people will not so much interest to go to theatre.


In this article, I have given some idea about the Bob Movies. As watching movies from piracy sites is illegal, so we recommend you to watch the movies from their legal applications.

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