Putlocker Alternatives 2020: 10 Sites To Stream Movies

Putlocker Alternatives 2020: 10 Sites To Stream Movies

Putlocker Alternatives 2020: Put locker is the most popular online website providing free shows and movies. After the closure of this operation, people started looking at other options. Although there is literally thousands of internet sites offering free downloads, none of them is good enough to replace the Put locker.


What is put locker?

Put locker is the usual term for a variety of video and Television media websites. All Put locker sites have the name ‘ Put-locker ‘ including shared folder variants.

Put locker corresponds to different online file sponsoring index internet sites used free of charge for downloading popular media, in particular movies and TV series. The immediate website came into existence in the Uk as quickly as 2011 as well as growing to collect thousands of visitors a day after Mega upload had been shut down.


The platform developed in the United Kingdom in 2010-2011. In such a short time, the search engine continued to receive millions of users from all around the world, especially after Mega Upload has been shut down.

Put locker Legal and illegal?

That original site of Put locker was brought down by the United Kingdom authority following a notification from the High Court. The web has also been known to be one of the real threats to spam. Consequently, the platform is obviously not safe, at least according to the High Court of the United Kingdom.

Internet sites such as Put locker offer content for free. They’re generating income from advertising. Even though the legitimacy of such websites is uncertain, we might not be free either. All of these websites appear to be using a lot of pop-up advertisements that might send you to spam websites or select advertising to download spam to your computer.

Putlocker Alternatives 2020: 10 Sites To Stream Movies

1. Soap2Day

soap 2 way putlocker site- arenteiro

Soap2Day has one of the most popular free film and series websites. Although the layout is not like Put locker, the platform also has the same sort of weird browsing feature. These sites provide a full range of films and shows, along with the new and old films and shows.

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We could buffstreams content online if you’re comfortable with regular advertisements & pop-ups. So if you want an icon-free experience, you can upgrade to Soap2Day VIP. Soap2Day does have a stylish, clutter-free layout to simple-to-choose categories and musical styles. The platform also provides specific material for activities.

  • Access without sign up
  • Subtitles
  • No payment details required for the free version
  • Ad-free access with payment
  • HD Streams

2. FMovies

Fmovies putlockers- arenteiro

F Movies is one major brand in the world of available for free torrent trackers. It’s got a huge selection of TV shows and movies. The site keeps the service up-to-date as soon as new videos are reachable. The FMovies website has a global search server. You can use this to scan for a particular tv show or movie. You’ll notice the top home screen that involves different categories which you can search for, such as Trending, Television shows, Movies, and Dramas.

  • HD streams without login
  • 4K streams with free account registration
  • Autoplay next
  • Subtitles / Closed Caption
  • Sign up not required
  • Genre


putlocker movies website 123movies-arenteiro

123Movies is a popular internet music streaming service. It’s been around for quite a while. Like Put locker, it provider has switched domains several times. It’s been around for quite some. The same as Putlocker, this provider has already improved domains many times.

If you should be searching for tv shows and movies, you’ll find everything here. The website contains all of the new movie launches and also seasons.

123Movies ‘ website is well thought out. Its contents are divided into a number of useful categories. But also has a title screen on both the top with choices like genres, Search, Categories, Counties, Years, etc.

If you choose a film and series, the site will choose the best replay path. It’ll line up several streaming connections, too, if you have to do the pick-up itself.

  • HD quality videos
  • Genre
  • Credit card not required
  • Sign up not required
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4. Movies Joy

putlockers movie joy-arenteiro

It’s another nicely made online streaming platform for both films and tv shows. That site’s web page shows famous and trendy movies by design. With such a single tap, you can easily switch to Television shows. A selection bar on both the homepage allows you to sift / sort information from Genre, Language, and Films & Television programs. You may also find specific information to use the search bar.

  • Subtitles
  • Mostly HD quality
  • Genre
  • Play without registration
  • No payment information needed

Adventure And Action, Anime, Drama, Criminal, Comedy, Short film, Horror, Community, Fantasy, Historical, Art, Mystery, Families, News, Romantic, Real, Historical fiction, Battle

5. Mega share

Mega share give you access to millions of films and television shows from various countries. The Interface of both the website is more refined than most others listed here, and arranges information based on categories, regions and numerical order lists because you can quickly find the content you want.

  • Subtitles
  • Mostly HD quality
  • Genre
  • Download feature

6. Solar Movie

solar movies putlocker websites-arenteiro

It’s another place from which you can watch free entertainment online. This has been a big option to put locker for a number of years, and it is still easily accessible. Its home page is simpler than the others, it also has one of the greatest ranges of films and television shows. It’s so famous that thousands of its torrent trackers have launched on the internet under different names.

  • HD streaming quality
  • Play without account sign up
  • Mostly HD quality
  • Download feature

7. Watch Online Series

putlockers website alternative-tv series-arenteiro

It’s another option to put locker that you’d like to find. As the title suggests, here page is for Television shows exclusively. From either the latest season to an older show, the View Online Episode features it all. The new material is regularly updated.

Watch Internet Sequence seems to have simple user functionality. You will stream live right away. The website shows that name of the listed site. You may find more than in different categories, including TV Full sized-Series, New television Series, and much more.


You may choose from either a variety of languages, like Adventure, Action, Cartoons, History, etc. The Watch Online Sequence is sponsored by advertisements. That’s why you’re going to run into advertising popups every now and then.

  • Full hd movies
  • Available without sign up
  • Watch online series
  • Online HD streams
  • All languages

8. AZ Movies

best putlocker website A-Z movies -arenteiro

AZ Movies is mainly a platform for video streaming. Here you will notice several pages for films on the website of such a platform. You can try out different segments, such as Released, Year, All Films, Film series, etc. One is more technologically inclined AZ Movies might serve as a useful alternatives to put lockers.

  • 4K streams with free account registration
  • Auto play next
  • Subtitles
  • Sign up not required
  • HD streams without login

9. Niter

Niter would be another place where everyone can sit down and watch films and tv shows for free, but it does have some serious weaknesses. Firstly, this is a dark colored template–it’s clearly not a good style. And the other one is its selection for US advertising–most of the material available online is from Us still. Otherwise, it’s a great place in its division.

10. Vumoo

Vumoo is some kind of browser for films and tv shows. We wouldn’t feature something on their own – you only go with them and search about your preferred film / Television show topic, that gives you links to websites that videos relevant for your quest can be located.


Put locker provides a streaming platform for films (and Television and the internet), but its creators do it illegal. The downside of such a website is that its clients have inaccurate search engines. Put another way, there have been a range of ineffective advertisements that guide visitors to questionable, deceptive websites. We caution over the use of the Put locker website and its facilities to stop visiting any sites of such a sort.

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