artificial kidney transplant in india

Is It Possible to Avail Artificial Kidney Transplant in India

Is It Possible to Avail Artificial Kidney Transplant in India: A small number of animals have successfully tested the Artificial Kidney Transplant. Throughout the next five years, large-scale human and animal trials are expected. When this Roy-led team at the University of North Carolina becomes accessible and affordable, it will remove the need for renal dialysis.



Kidney Transplant in India is one of the most successful medical procedures. The country secures the number one position not only in Kidney Transplant but all the types of organ transplant procedures including lung transplant, liver transplant, heart transplant, uterus transplant etc.

However, all transplant procedures are performed with the help of a live donor. In most of the transplant procedure, the donor must be blood-related.

However, even if the heart transplant and lung transplant can be performed without the related donor, i.e., with the help of the deceased donor, but the doctors do not prefer artificial organ transplants.

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Artificial Kidney Transplant in India

Artificial Kidney Transplant ARENTEIRO

So, if we talk about an Artificial Kidney Transplant in India, it is not possible. The reason for the same is that it involves high risks.

Why Do the Doctors in India Not Support Artificial Kidney Transplantation?

It is not that the doctors in India do not support the Artificial Kidney Transplant, but the primary concern is that it is not yet been successfully tested on humans.

However, recently there has been a remarkable achievement in the field of an artificial kidney transplant, as per the recent news on November 9, 2019. The scientists in the US have successfully implanted a prototype kidney with human kidney cells in pigs. The experiment was done in the US without seeking any major safety precautions. The best part of the research is even after 48 hours of the surgery; there are no complications observed in the receiver.

Why Do the Doctors in India Not Support Artificial Kidney Transplantation?

There are no blood clots formed in the animal, nor is there any counter immune reaction noted after the surgery. It may soon be practised in India on humans if the results after the experiment on the patient are a success. However, it may take some time which may be a few months or a few years.

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For now, the kidney transplant procedure in India with original kidney is a huge success. It is higher than 98%. Over the past decade, surgeons in India have not faced any failure of the procedure. It is one of the reasons that the doctors in the country perform over 12 k kidney transplant procedures every year. It is the highest number of kidney transplant procedures performed annually.

Apart from the success rate, there is one more thing that attracts the patients across the globe to India for the treatment that is the cost of the procedure.

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Be it the surgery price or the Medicine Cost after the Kidney Transplant in India; both are considerably low.

Medicine Cost after the Kidney Transplant in India;

Final Words:

In short, if you want to recover after the end-stage renal diseases, you can avail the treatment in India. Artificial kidney transplant is presently not available not only in India but in other countries of the world.

So, plan your treatment to the country for a cost-effective and highly successful medical procedure. For making the arrangements, you can approach the top medical tourism companies in India; they are available for your assistance 24*7*365.

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