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KineMaster App Download New version PC and Android

Download KineMaster APK for PC&Android: KineMaster is a complete, iPhone, and iPad video editor. Check out why KineMaster’s creators, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, are real and why recorded businesses, educators, advertisers, and vloggers!

KineMaster offers various components including video layers and mixed modes, voices over, Chroma keys, transactions and subtitles. Speed controls. To build and edit your excellent videos, download KineMaster!


 What is KineMaster App?

To build, edit, and share your awesome videos, download KineMaster! KineMaster is free to use, but videos include a Premium resources, and watermark and specific software are not available.

Features of KineMaster App:

User Guide:

Learn how to use KineMaster’s powerful video editing tools to produce top quality videos for professional or personal use. This guide gives an in-depth look at every tool and feature available and offers tips on how to polish your videos to perfection.

Intuitive Editing:

Video clips and layers are exactly where you want to be split and trimmed. The timing of the audio clip can be adjusted to ensure sub frame precision. Instant Preview you won’t wait to see how your last video looks. See you in practise when you make your changes

Multi-Track Audio:

KineMaster puts you at the mixing studio stand!

Play audio tracks simultaneously 8 or more (depending on your device!)!

Multiple Layers:

KineMaster app download for PC supports unlimited layers of text, pictures, manuscripts, and overlays and up to 10 (on supported devices).

The position and timing of layers can easily be changed and sheets animated with either present animation effects or key frame animation.

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download kinemaster for android pc

Blending Modes:

Turn your videos into art works with blending instruments. Use them to knock out black or white backgrounds, create double-exposures, and create your custom color filters!

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Speed Control:

Adjust the video speed from 0.25 to 16x without distortion of the pitch for the slow and lapse of time.

Pro Audio Features:

The edit audio tracks separately from your video. Adjust the volume envelope, control stereo channels, and apply to duck to audio tracks or turn on auto-volume with KineMaster’s robust audio tools. Multiple audio formats are supported.

Chroma Key:

Video layers support the design of the Chroma key with full green screen support, including the live alpha mask display and the proper adjustment of the curve to describe the edges of the mask.

Voice Recording:

KineMaster allows the preview of your project to capture audio, making it easy for any clip to add voiceover tracks.

Many More:

KineMasters also provides several additional features, including voice changer filters, frame rate export command, video, audio, and file format supports as well as bitrate and resolution control.

How do you add videos to KineMaster App?

1. Add a Video Layer. Tap the media browser (Video) and select the video to be added as a layer.

2. Add an Image Layer. Tap the media browser (Image) and select the image to be added as a layer.

3. Add a Sticker Layer. …

4. Add a Text Layer. …

5. Add a Handwriting Layer. …

6. Set Layer Options.

Download KineMaster APK for PC/Laptop & Android

Kinemaster android for pc free download

How to Kine Master Mod app download for PC?

The steps for downloading and installing KineMaster Mod APK Pro are clear.

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1. Enable Sources Unknown.

2. You should download this file from the available download


3. Find the file on your computer and download it.

4. If prompted on your computer, open the App, make all necessary configurations.Take free advantage of KineMaster.

Enable Unknown Sources to Install the Mod:

1. Go to Android device settings.

2. Click on the Security link here.

3. Unknown Sources are searched here under Device Administrator.

3. Switch Unknown Sources on.

android kinemaster app for download APK

Installation of Video tutorial on kinemaster video editing app:

See this simple video guide for KineMaster Mod APK Download and update, and explore the premium features at no extra cost.

Disable Background Data of KineMaster Mod (Optional):

If the App has background data access, the App may not work on some devices based on device and OS configuration. So I recommend that you limit background information or turn mobile data on all variants such as V3, V5, V6, V7, and V8 while using the Mod App.

Step1. Download KineMaster Mod Apk, install, and update.

Step2. Go to your device’s settings and look for KM App in Apps Management.

Stage3. Open the request and click on the “Data Use” link. Now activate here “Restrict Background Data.” You’re done. Joy!! Joy!

KineMaster may be used free of charge, but videos have a watermark, and Premium properties and specific software are not available. By purchasing a monthly or annual KineMaster premium subscription, all editing tools are deleted, and all KineMaster Asset Store items are downloaded.

KineMaster Premium can be subscribed through the phone. KineMaster Premium Subscriptions will be automated renewed. If automatic renewing is not disabled in Account Setup, at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period.

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KineMaster icon

Download KineMaster APK for Android (F.A.Q’s)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get logged off automatically?

Check the Remember box while logged. This is not advisable if you use a shared computer board like a library, Internet café, university computer lab, etc. If this checkbox is not seen, it signifies that a board administrator disables this function.

Why did I receive a warning?

Each board manager has a set of rules on its own site. You may be issued a warning if you have violated a law. This is the Board Director’s decision and phpBB Limited does not have any link to the website’s notifications. If you are not sure why you have been issued a warning, contact the board administrator.

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 Is KineMaster Free?

Sure, the software can be used freely and contains all apps. Nonetheless, you may have to buy a special premium effect and disable the watermark in-app.


KineMaster app download for PC: If something is missing or if the download links above are not working, Please contact us if you have any questions, and queries make comments below.

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