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How to win “try not to laugh challenge” while watching funny videos?

Lustige Videos – witziges Video is irresistible when it is about laughing. You will always find it difficult to control your laugh after watching a funny video. These days you can find many social media platforms with funny videos. The short video memes/ trolling is one of the best sources of entertainment these days.

However, some creators are coming up with new challenges in YouTube and other platforms. One such challenge is the try not to laugh challenge. This is a famous challenge that is continuing in this digital era. Thus, if you have a bet with your friend to win the try-not laugh challenge while seeing the Lustige Videos – witziges Video, here are some tips to win it.

Tips to win the try not to laugh challenge 

Always watch funny videos

The first and the most important rule to win is watching funny videos. Yes! You are reading it right. You must be thinking now how do funny videos will help you win the challenges? When you see funny videos every day regularly, you will be acquainted with the type of content.

In most cases, you will gain the ability to anticipate what will happen in the next moment of the funny video. This can keep you low. You will not laugh when you see the same thing repetitively.

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You can drive your attention to some other thing while watching the video.

 This is another great way to win the challenge. Driving your attention to something else will make you think about the particular thing. In most cases, you will lose your attention from the video. This will help you win the challenge. However, even losing attention can make you laugh if you will see five seconds of a funny video. Thus, you should be careful.

Think about what makes you stressful

 Although it is not advisable but is something that can help you win, hands down. Yes! Everybody has a certain issue that makes them stressed. It may be about results. When you think about any such event, you get nervous and will not laugh no matter how funny the video is. However, you need to decide if you need this formula or not. If the challenge is not that big, you should not use any such trick.

This is because; there is nothing more significant than staying jolly and happy in your life. Thus, if you want to win, you can use the trick.

Make a list of videos that makes you laugh. 

There are different types of videos that you see online. It includes:

Prank videos– These are the videos that usually include a prank. The pranksters in this video make a setup and catch the reactions of people getting pranked. These are usually not much fun. But some people also laugh seeing the prank videos. If you can’t control your laugh after seeing the prank video, you must see it regularly to know what’s happening next.

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Impression videos– These are those videos in which the video creator captures ridiculous videos on the camera. You see some of the funniest expressions and the cutest expressions.

Cute videos- some of the cute videos of the babies might make you smile/ laugh. If you are fond of babies, you will always laugh after seeing these videos. Thus, it would be best to watch it regularly to win the try not to laugh challenge after seeing the Lustige Bilder – witzige Bilder | PutPut.


Wrapping up, this is how you can win the try not to laugh challenge. Now that you are aware of the tricks, you can win them easily.

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