Tips for Packing and Moving Fragile Furniture!!!

Tips for Packing and Moving Fragile Furniture

Moving is quite a difficult and stressful process that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Not just the entire moving process but also the moving day is quite a hectic day when you have to load the entire home belongings packed into boxes into a moving truck. But the most difficult thing in a moving process is to transfer all the items safely to their destination. There are a lot of fragile and delicate items present at homes which makes the process more complicated. While you can always click here to get an honest moving quote from expert movers, you will also need a lot of knowledge and understanding of the process.

If you are also struggling to transport all the fragile furniture with safety then check out these details that help you to make the process easier.


Hire a professional mover:

Nobody wants to have any dent or scratches on their furniture items when packing and transporting the same because only a single dent over the furniture items could cost higher. When moving by yourself, it becomes difficult to carry heavy furniture and it makes furniture more prone to damage during transit because common people don’t have enough experience to pack and ship items safely.

Therefore, you should hire professional movers to not just escape from the hard work but also to ship items safely. Movers are very well skilled and have a certain experience of packing fragile furniture items. They also have the appropriate equipment that can be used for lifting and loading the furniture into a truck giving the surety to ship the items safely.

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Invest in the right packing supplies:

It is very important to invest in the right packing supplies so that they can protect your furniture when in transit. Also, get enough packing material to pack all furniture items with protection. You will need a strong and different size of cardboard boxes and other materials like packing tapes, bubble wraps, blankets, stretch wraps, packing paper, marker, etc. If you want to ship items with safety then yes, you should be ready to pay a little more on these packing supplies.

Take enough time to pack:

Do not hurry when packing delicate furniture items. Take your item to a safety pack and wrap the furniture so that it can remain protected when moving. Invest in waterproof packing supplies so that it can’t get wet. Cover the corners of furniture items with dense pads and wrap the entire furniture with blankets to save these from scratches. For extra protection, you can further wrap the furniture with bubble wraps. Take the help of the internet to know the right process of packing fragile items to save these from any kind of damage.

Dissembling the furniture:

It is easier to lift smaller and lighter items instead of large and heavy items. Therefore, try to disassemble your furniture to make it a few inches smaller and hence, lighter to carry. Remove the legs of the beds, couches, or wardrobes if possible. Also, take off the knobs, shelves, and drawers from the wooden item. You should disassemble all the removable parts and moving parts else they could create problems during transportation. Make sure that you store the screws or handles in the same box along with the furniture items.

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Moving furniture with glass doors:

Glass doors or glass from the windows are the most delicate item to move. You need to take extra precautions when taking out glass from the windows or unhinging the glass doors to avoid any breakage. After doing this, cover the glass doors with bubble wrap and place them into a mirror box. Make sure these are perfectly fit into boxes so that these do not move during shipment.

Use furniture slides:

To protect your furniture items from any scratches while moving them, you should slide them instead of lifting them. Sliding the furniture involves less muscle power than compared to the muscle power required in lifting the furniture. You can easily get furniture slides from the market. If you do not have sufficient time to go to the market then you can make your furniture slider by using towels or carpets. Hard furniture sliders are the best for carpeting floors and the hard floor, you can use soft furniture sliders to slide the heavier items.

Ask for help:

If you are planning to move your heavy and delicate furniture on your own, then do not hesitate to get help from your friends or relatives as it can be difficult to pack and carry the heavy stuff on your own. Having someone on your side will help you to keep you as well as your belongings safe and sound. Also, make sure that you start packing the furniture earlier so that the moving process can become less stressful.

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Wrapping it all up!!!

Yes, it is quite a complicated task to transport the delicate furniture items but at the same time, there are a few tips that help in making the entire process smoother and helps in keeping all the fragile items safer. Use all the above tips and tricks to make it possible.

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