What Are the Major Causes of Car Accidents in the UK?

What Are the Major Causes of Car Accidents in the UK?

Car accidents happen all the time, to anyone and anywhere. Even if the UK has the second safest roads in Europe, a great many accidents occur on Britain’s roads. Some of the most accident-prone cities are Kingston upon Hull, Portsmouth, Nottingham, and London, to name a few. With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, it’s hoped they will have some kind of impact on road safety. Every injury on the road is a preventable tragedy. Many things can be done to prevent collisions, but it’s not always possible to avoid the unexpected. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to analyse the trend of serious injuries because the method the police use to record severity keeps changing over the years.

Whether minor or severe, a car accident can drastically change your life. Car accidents result from more than one cause. If you’re curious to know what the different factors are that contribute to road traffic accidents, please continue reading.

Driving Carelessly, Recklessly, Or in A Hurry

Careless, reckless driving occurs when the driver ignores the rules of the road, such as forgetting to use turn signals or running a red light. It’s a dangerous behaviour that can potentially endanger others. In case you didn’t already know, it’s illegal to drive a car dangerously on the road or without due care. Both careless and reckless driving is punishable by law. The driver may have to pay a fine and a higher insurance premium. You can report offenders by calling the police’s non-emergency number, 101. Even if you’re not involved in an accident, it’s recommended to report endangering behaviour.

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What Are the Major Causes of Car Accidents in the UK?

It seems like everyone is in a hurry these days. And drivers are no exception. They save a couple of seconds by cutting through yellow lights, exceeding the speed limit, and cutting each other off without any kind of warning. In spite of the dangers of driving in a hurry, people still do it. Needless to say, accidents are likely to occur. Drivers are anxious to get to the desired destination, so they speed up or change lanes, which can result in a crash. If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in the UK, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. For more information, please consult an accident claim website before the statute of limitations expires.

Exceeding The Speed Limit

Speed matters because it increases the risk of car accidents. More often than not, drivers exceed the speed limit because they don’t pay any attention to their driving speed. They’re too distracted by the music on the radio. Some drivers are obsessed with speeding. It’s something they enjoy, and love. Going too fast is certainly dangerous, but it certainly gives an adrenaline rush. No matter how you look at the situation, there are no real gains. More people speed in the UK than in the US. You’d think that having an accident and hurting someone else would be a deterrent in itself. Unfortunately, it’s the last thing on people’s minds.

Failure To Look Properly

According to Statista, roughly 38% of all road traffic accidents in the UK are caused by the driver not looking properly. People become complacent behind the wheel. This is concerning given that drivers are expected to see the things that an ordinary person can’t. Older drivers are more likely to have failed to look as compared to other motorists. There’s the possibility of offending the driver by claiming that they failed to detect the other vehicle. Nobody will openly admit to having deliberately violated the other car’s right of way. Simply put, it’s more likely they’ve been careless, reckless, or in a hurry.

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Sudden Braking

When one car breaks or stops suddenly, the other driver has very little time to react. The outcome is a rear-end collision. In many cases, the person who stops all of a sudden wasn’t paying attention due to distractions like talking on the phone or adjusting the radio. You can become involved in such an accident when you’re driving behind someone, and they hit the brakes without warning. You can incur injuries such as whiplash. Most people recover within a couple of weeks, but others struggle with the pain for months on end.

If a driver’s carelessness gets you injured, they’re legally responsible for the injuries they’ve caused. The severity of a sudden stop accident is determined by the speed at which the motorist was travelling before the crash. Injuries caused by drivers who suddenly stop require a long recovery period and can lead to permanent disability. For instance, paralysis can be caused by spinal cord trauma. The truth is that any injury that interrupts your ability to lead a normal life disables you (metaphorically speaking, of course). Regrettably, hazards appear even if you’ve taken precautions.

Slippery Roads

A road can be slippery as the result of snow, ice, or water. When traction is low, any hasty movement can cause the tires to lose their grip on the road. If you’re travelling on a slippery road, you should keep your distance from the car in front of you. Know the risks and adjust your behaviour. If you have an accident and get injured, it’s not your fault. It’s up to the municipality to plough, sand, and salt the roads to make them safe. They might be liable if the road was poorly maintained. Cutbacks to budgets translate into the fact that the municipality can’t afford the necessary maintenance.

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It’s important to understand that there’s a statute of limitations. If you want to sue the city, you shouldn’t waste any time. You could make a claim if you were owed a duty by the third party in control of the public place. Of course, you need to have solid evidence. You may be entitled to economic and non-economic damages alike. Compensation will cover any out-of-pocket expenses. There’s no one better to secure the compensation that you deserve than a personal injury solicitor. Bringing legal action is a complex procedure, to say the least. This is precisely why you need to work with a legal professional. They’ll handle your case in a quick and efficient manner.

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