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How To Make Your Dog Feel Cozy in Your Home -

Having a dog as a pet at home is a wholesome and pleasurable experience. There are multiple benefits of owning a dog. You get opportunities to exercise and explore the outdoors when you walk your pet. You can socialize with other fellow dog owners. Besides, dogs are an antidote to loneliness while helping you cope with stress and keeping calm. When there are so many benefits that we can accrue by petting a dog, we have to make our dog feel snug in our homes. We bring you some tips and advice on how to keep your dogs healthy and comfortable in your homes.


Collect Supplies

How To Make Your Dog Feel Cozy in Your Home -

You need to gather pet supplies before your dog arrives in his new home. Collars such as a martingale or flat-buckle collar along with an identification tag should be bought. Acquire a long nylon leash and a harness in advance. Arrange for water and food bowls, comfy bedding, and a few pet-friendly toys beforehand. You can arrange toys such as Nylabones, pet pens, or crates. The pet pen should be large enough for your dog to stand up and move around comfortably. This can be its safe cocoon.

If you are staying in a place where it often snows during winters, you need to collect winter gear for your pet dogs, like cold weather coats, blankets, and even dog boots. These paw protectors can prevent your dog from suffering slips and falls during walking in winters. Moreover, these dog boots prevent debris build-up from melting salt and ice between the paw pads of your dog. Wearing dog boots can also minimize cuts and injuries to your dog.


2. Provide Nourishing Food

How To Make Your Dog Feel Cozy in Your Home -

We all want our dogs to be active and develop to their full potential. This can happen if we provide our furry friends with proper nourishment. Like humans, dogs also require their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and essential fatty acids. Some studies have tried to link dietary components and the aggressive patterns or behaviors seen in the canine population.

Though many people feed dry and canned food to their dogs, you can also give several human foods to dogs.

3. Create a Routine

Create a regimen for your dog. Questions like who will walk the dog, how many times your dog will be fed, and it will be allowed in your bedroom need to be chalked out before the arrival of your pet. If your pup is yet to arrive, then plan its homecoming over a weekend. Alternatively, you can take a few days off work to set a routine and spend quality time with your furry companion. It is better not to bring your dog into busy and unfamiliar places such as chaotic play areas or pet shops during the initial period. Allow your dog to first adjust and transition into his new home and routine. When you leave home, consider keeping a stuffed toy or puzzle food bowl for your dog to play with. This will reduce separation anxiety when you are not around and offer much-needed physical and mental stimulation. Keep things slow and consistent during the initial few weeks for your pet to get used to unfamiliar environments and situations.

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4. Invest in Training

How To Make Your Dog Feel Cozy in Your Home -

Many of the dogs that we bring home might not be house trained. It is upon us to be consistent and create a training routine. It is possible that during the initial days, your dog might defecate at home. Take them out every few hours to relieve themselves. Introduce crate training to your dog. Dogs instinctively like to den. This can make crate training easier in several instances. While training your dog, you must keep in mind that it is much easier to teach things you like to your dog. This positive reinforcement training can endear you to your dog. You can sign up for in-person dog training sessions or join virtual pet training classes. Alternatively, you can browse online videos or books at the local library to learn more about dog training.

5. Play Music

Yes, you heard us right! Dogs like music. Your canine friend will feel comfortable and safe with some music playing in the background. This can also calm an agitated pet when it is alone at home. What’s more? There is music created especially for your furry friend. You can buy entire albums or choose to play music for pets from YouTube.

6. Check-in Often

Studies have substantiated that dogs can recognize human emotions and behaviors. They can also miss us just as we miss them when we are not around them. In such a scenario, gadgets can come handy. There are some two-way audio and video digital cameras that can allow you to see and talk to your pet while they can view you on a screen. Moreover, such cameras also have tap buttons that alert you when your pet wants to communicate with you. These digital devices are also capable of video recording your dog’s activities, streaming pet-friendly videos, and even dispensing aromatherapy scents and treats.

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The Bottomline

Dogs are loving and faithful creatures. They understand emotions and can help us deal with anxiety and loneliness. However, we need to provide them with a loving and caring shelter in our homes. The above tips will help you in raising a happy and healthy canine friend for life.

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