How To Monetize Your Gaming Skills?

How To Monetize Your Gaming Skills?

Gaming is not a hobby and a way to have fun in your free time only. It’s also a great opportunity and option to earn extra money if you really love video games.

How To Monetize Your Gaming Skills?

Today, there are a large number of methods of making money on the Internet. Someone is trying to achieve success with the help of the Forex market or binary options, others to create their online store or start a company. And there are Internet users — gamers — who manage to combine business with pleasure.

Several methods of making money on video games exist. They differ in the amount of time the player is willing to devote to this activity, the sums he can earn, and the legality or illegality of these very earnings. In this article, we are showing you how to make money by playing video games. Let’s go!

  • Accounts for Sale

Today, we can buy various game accounts — from online games, browser games, MMORPGs, and others.

Selling accounts is a common thing in the world of gamers. If newbies don’t want to waste time on boosting, they can buy an account of a certain level. The process of making money is simple: you need to create one or several profiles in the game, achieve certain results in them and then sell.

The cost of the account depends on the game and the success you have achieved. The more popular the game is, the higher the demand and, accordingly, the price is. There are also special resources where you can offer and purchase hand-leveled accounts.

  • Sale of In-game Items

The market of virtual objects and in-game items, as the entire digital services market, is constantly demonstrating dynamic growth from year to year. There are completely new options for earning money.

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If the game provides the ability to transfer things or characters to other players, you can also make money on such transfers. Although the developers try to stop such transactions, resourceful players avoid the prohibitions.

Of course, to become a good trader, you need to continuously follow the news, gossip, and trends. But it’s not that hard if gaming is your hobby.

How To Monetize Your Gaming Skills?

  • Upgrading, Boosting, Leveling

Experienced players can monetize their knowledge of various gaming strategies by upgrading other users’ accounts. In this case, the player shares all account data to another person and pays him for boosting the account, upgrading character, or increasing the rating as quickly as possible. After that, the customer receives the account back.

Fraud is widespread among such ways of earning money. Typically, you can find these proposals on forums, special groups on social media, or even freelance sites. You should be careful. Dishonest players can offer you an account boost for a too low price. Therefore, raising the rating, completing a quest or the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Boost should be ordered from trusted contractors only.

Moreover, if you choose this particular method of monetizing your skills, it’s better to become this most trusted provider.

  • Game Streaming

Anyone can stream gameplay. The main thing is to find your audience. Furthermore, your success depends on your oratory skills and ability to work and communicate with the audience.

Today, Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform. There you can find streams from professional and not so gamers, as well as streams from players that cover esports competitions. Anyone can register there, and there are three ways to monetize your efforts.

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The first — paid user subscriptions. The more viewers, the higher the earnings.

The second — donations — a voluntary payment. The purpose of donations may vary from person to person. Some people do it to ask questions on the air or prank a streamer, or just show off. Others want to support or thank the player for useful information or a good game.

The third — banners or videos with ads. The system is the same as on Youtube. The streamer gets paid for advertising before, during, or after the game streaming.

  • Gaming Schools

The most enterprising players, having started playing earlier than others, gained some knowledge and popularity, presently, run online courses for beginners and even create gaming schools.

Anyone can learn to play. And outstanding players or streamers can become coaches and get a good profit. In addition, it’s possible to teach remotely and at the lowest cost for the instructor.

It’s still hard to assess the activities of such schools, but the very fact of their existence suggests that the gaming industry is growing and developing.

  • Betting

Like any other sport, there are sweepstakes in eSports. You can win money by betting on your favorite team. Bets are placed on the most popular online games, and famous bookmakers are engaged in such bets.

However, this method of earning money can be referred to as e-sports conditionally. You can place bets on anything, and earnings, which are best defined as winnings, depend not on gaming skills but analytical skills and luck.

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How To Monetize Your Gaming Skills?

  • eSports

The most lucrative income from online gaming is esports — a sport where people play computer games professionally. Any gamer has a chance to get into this niche. The main challenge is to make video games a profession, not just a hobby.

Also, you should be prepared to become an eminent esports player and receive money for this by participating in tournaments. You will have to practice a lot. And your favorite activity can get bored, cause video games, like any sport, require regular and prolonged training.

  • Create Content in Games

Developers have long understood that one of the most effective ways to support eternal games is to allow gamers to supplement them with new ideas and features. Although fans are ready to do this for free, it’s better to motivate the creation of high-quality content with a real fee, which developers did in some famous and big projects.

Players can apply to publish skins for characters, levels, mods, and more in the official store in Minecraft and Roblox — some of the most popular games in history. The selected content will be available for purchase by other players for real money, and the developers will transfer a significant part of the profits to the participants.

As you can see, there are several ways to make money by playing video games. The main thing is to approach this matter thoroughly and with full responsibility.

We wish you the best in monetizing your gaming skills!

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