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Trick shots may become crucial for the win. Learn carrom trick shots here

Trick shots may become crucial for the win. Learn carrom trick shots here

Do you love playing the game of carrom and looking to learn carrom trick shots to become a pro player? Well, you are at the right place to get all the information. Here, you will get all your solutions. No wonder the carrom game is in the heart of the players of all groups. It is a game which is full of fun. It is known that there is no specific rulebook that you need to read or the book to learn tips and strategies.

These are just considered as word of mouth, which you can use to beat your opponents. There is so much competition in carrom games. And when you are using carrom trick shots while playing carrom game online, then you are already surprising your opponents.

There is a lot of fun in playing carrom one and there are many games, which can be used to play the carrom such as Getmega, carrom king and many others. Here, we will provide you with the best 7 carrom trick shots that you can use and defeat your opponent or play your game smoothly.

The Best carrom trick shots to win the game:

  • Back Shot

It will be foul if you hit at the back or to hit the pieces, which are in your area to pocket the coin. To avoid this rule, the back shot is used to hit the piece and to pocket the piece. So, you will have to hit the striker on the opposite side so it will come and hit the piece in the way you want. Also, you can play this shot in the online carrom game. 

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  • Double Shot

Whenever the board game is played online, there are some shots or rules, which are quite common to understand and this double shot is one of them. In the double shot, the pieces are placed in the center or near the center. It will make the piece garden and make them collide in opposite directions so that they will be in your pocket.

  • Cut Shot

This shot is played on lay when your pieces are in the center of the board. Suppose your striker is placed on the right side, it will release the striker on the left side and the right piece has pocketed in the left pocket. It is one of the most productive carrom trick shots.

  • Board Shot

Board shot is one of the tricky shots. It is used by players who are experts in this game. It also needs some high-level knowledge of carrom. Whenever you use this strike, it is needed to hit the four sides of the carrom board. It will surely be one of the amazing shots you can play. You can also use this trick in online carrom.

  • Second hit

When you are aiming the piece to hit but one piece is blocking it, which can be easily pocketed. Then you can just prepare it for the next turn. The second hit shot is the shot that you can use to pocket two pieces at once. It can also be said that you are getting a bonus.

  • Alley-oop

This is one of the best carrom trick shots to play doubles. So, when you will play and hit your carrom piece, it will make your opponent’s piece easy to pocket and in turn, they will easily score for your team as you have made it easier for them. In doubles, teamwork is very important so that you can play together to defeat your opponent.

  • Middle Shot
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This is quite a strong carrom trick shot that you can use to win the game. Middle Shot is used at the beginning of the game when all the pieces are placed at the center. In this, you will strike at the middle of the two adjacent pieces, which make them pocketed at once by colliding and going in the pockets of the opposite side. It will be an impressive move that will shock your opponent and make you one step ahead of them.


You can practice these carrom trick shots on a regular basis so that you can use them without any hesitation. These carrom trick shots are quite easy if you use them step by step. Carrom is one game that needs concentration and you also have to work on your striking skills so that you can use advanced striking skills.

Try to dominate your opponents so that you will be confident enough to play the game. However, if you want to practice these carrom trick shots online, then you can go with the Getmega gaming platform as it will provide you with practice matches, which will also teach you to use these tricks. You can also play there with your friends and family members and get a chance to win exciting rewards.

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