MYHTSPACE | Login & Signup

MYHTSPACE | Login & Signup

MYHTSPACE: HTSpace is the American supermarket company employee portal to provide access to all of their benefits including Pay, Quality work, quality health with financial benefits. MY HTSpace is the online portal for the employee can able to log into existing accounts or Register New users in it. you can also recovery Login credentials in the portal. Harris Teeter is an American Based supermarket located in North Caroline and operates 255 stores as chain stores located in the south Atlantic states.

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Harris Teeter is a Supermarket company chain based in Matthews, North Carolina. It has the chain operates 260 stores in the seven south Atlantic states and district of Columbia. Harris Teeter provides you support for the employees in the chain through an online portal. Harris Teeter serves many products like Bakery, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Meat, and pharmacy in it. My Htspace Employees need to get registered users are redirected to by login withholding an existing account.



Harris Teeter is a supermarket company chain based in America and wants to get all of the employment benefits accounts. You can easily log in with Login credentials into MYHTSpace with these following steps as is.

  1. You can log in into your account on any device with a proper internet connection.
  2. Open the My HTSpace portal or on the web browser which should be compatible with the use of the Portal.
  3. You can see the Welcome sign with the User name and Password in the Home page as shown in the images as follows.
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MY HTSPACE-arenteiro

  1. Enter the Login credentials in the User name and Account password.
  2. Based on the Employee ID, you can see the Employee Benefits program including the quality health, financial benefits, quality work with life balance in it.

Harris teeter need to make notes and provide employee support through an online portal. My HT SPACE is specifically designed for the employees working for the Harris Teeter food and pharmacy Organization. You can see the employee details with statics with the online service. You can see the employee benefits with different Language support like French and Spanish.


In Harris Teeter is the supermarket chain company in America that wants to take care of your values customers is the first priority and the Company takes care of all benefits. It has the best excellent benefit plans to the customer associates and designed for providing protection for the employees and family needs in the MyHTSPACE: Here are the benefits of the plan for the employees and Benefits package which adds substantial value to the employee’s total compensation received from the Harris Teeter with Basic salary, opportunity to participate in the attractive incentive program.

  1. Medical
  2. Dental
  3. LIFE insurance
  4. Short term Disability
  5. Legal Benefits
  6. Long term Disability
  7. Work life solutions
  8. Education Assistance
  9. Health care
  10. Retirement and Savings plan


You can see the MY HT SPACE portal with the account User name and Password, you can need to initial your Registration process with the easier steps. Please follow these steps to follow below mentioned such as:

  1. In the HT SPACE Portal has the Login process, open the Browser should be compatible with the MY HT SPACE Browser requirements.
  2. You can see the HT SPACE PORTAL has the User Name and Password in the Home page. You can see the option to recover the User name and Password in it. You need to click the Register button on the website to Register of the Home page.
  3. You need to fill in the details of the required fields on the home page with the company key, social security number, date of birth, first name, last name, postal address, pin code, Mobile Number. You will get the company key with the Benefits administrator to the company key.
  4. You will get the User name and Password for the MY HT SPACE LOGIN details.
  5. Once you got to log into the portal with a username and password, you can check the employee benefits of the salary, Medicals services, Education Assistance, Health care, and Retirement or savings plan in it. you can access the services like Pay stub, Harris Teeter work schedule and work force in it.
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MyHTSpace login


In the MY HT SPACE online Portal, you will get the Employee user name and password for the Login account in it. You can check whether account is already existed in the system by entering the social security number ID or company KEY and Date of Birth. Once you click on the Forget User name and Password is sent to your registered email ID and reset your password with the Email Link into HT SPACE portal.

MY HTSPACE-arenteiro


In the Harris, Teeter Employee are very lucky to have the employee benefits with Salary pension, savings, Medical, Retirement plan, Dental and Life Insurance in it. Harris Teeter wants to take care of the employees and Supermarket chain company in the American company. You can check the status of the employee benefits in the MYHTSPACE through the internet portal.

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