Things you need to know before buying any smartphone

Things you need to know before buying any smartphone

According to a report, the online sale of smartphones upscaled by 45% in 2020. This growth can be attributed to the introduction of new Android versions and processors. An individual can find all these features in the best phones under the 10000 segment in just a few clicks.

With multiple brands and smartphone options in the market, a shopper can easily get confused.

Here are certain points every smartphone lover must consider before investing in a preferred device.


Features to check before purchasing a smartphone

Battery life

Whether the device falls in the best phones under 10000 categories or not, a buyer must always check the battery backup. Carrying a power bank throughout the day isn’t a feasible option for most.

Hence, it is essential to look for a gadget offering superior power backup even during heavy usage. Typically, the battery stability depends on the user and app preference. For gaming enthusiasts, a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery or above would be compatible. Such a device can easily support multiple videos, games, and music. However, for a light user, a handset with a 3500mAh or less battery would be sufficient.

  • RAM

A smartphone user must be aware of the memory function of a device. Typically, there are two variants, namely, RAM and ROM. The RAM stabilizes the speed and processing of a device when multiple apps are running. Simultaneously, a ROM stores data and media files like videos, photos, etc.

It is, therefore, essential to invest in an expandable RAM device that supports large files and cloud backup. Ideally, heavy-duty users like gamers, writers, YouTubers, etc., can invest in a smartphone with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. Otherwise, a 4GB RAM mobile and 64 GB ROM are compatible for light users.

  • Camera

The advent of social media has influenced youngsters to try out different filters and photography styles. This craze has given rise to a demand for smartphones with features like distinct aperture size, multiple cameras, superior megapixels, autofocus, manual modes, selfie filter, etc.

However, it is essential to know that having a high megapixel count doesn’t guarantee quality pictures. In this regard, checking the ISO, focus, and aperture is crucial. It is, therefore, recommended to test the device and picture quality before investment.

  • Processors and hardware

Apart from checking basic features like memory backup in a 4GB RAM mobile, one must also assess the processor. Typically, a processor is the brain of a gadget that controls the overall performance.

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In this regard, choosing the best option can be tricky as there is multiple OS in the market. Some of the renowned processors are Quad-Core, Snapdragon, Dual-Core, MediaTek, Octa-Core, etc. Hence, before purchasing a smartphone, one must check the processor in GigaHertz or GHz terms. Usually, a higher value indicates smooth processing and fast operation.

  • Display

A smartphone’s display is again an important feature to check beforehand. A gaming pro can invest in a device with at least 6.0 inches display for optimum feel. It is suggested to look for refresh rate displays when the program is running.

However, for basic device users, a small screen would be compatible. Ideally, there are two screen types, namely AMOLED and LCD. These screens differ in light projection and resolution, like FullHD+ or QHD.

Finally, the most vital factor that every smartphone buyer needs to consider is the price of the device. It is important to have an estimation and invest in a gadget accordingly. Since the expense can increase with the added features, it is smarter to always look for alternatives.

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Individuals looking to purchase a 4GB RAM mobile or a better alternative can check the mentioned points before initiating a purchase. This would help them find a superior device worthy of investment.

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