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The New Generation Of Dive Watches: Suunto’s Top Dive Watches

The New Generation Of Dive Watches Suunto’s Top Dive Watches That You Need To Consider In the year 1932, Suunto started its journey by creating compasses; until then, Suunto continued to flourish. They also started venturing into making premium sports and diving smartwatches. Right now, Suunto managed to create one of the best sports and diving smartwatch collections, and here are some of them.

Suunto D4F Black

With a price tag of $490, the Suunto D4F is one of the cheapest Suunto diving watches that you can have right now. Compared to the other diving smartwatch on the market, the Suunto D4F is way more expensive, but that’s because of the features and durability you’ll get from it, which will be discussed later.

So, what makes Suunto watches or the Suunto D4F Black edition better than its competition? To answer that inquiry, here are some of the key features that you’ll get from it: Freediving modes, innovative apnea timer, stopwatch, 100 meters of water resistance, easy to read display, crystal glass made of crystal, and more.

Basically, Suunto watches have all the features you need for particular occasions or events, such as deep-sea diving or exercises. Also, Suunto D4F offers a unique feature, the Suunto DM5; this feature will allow you to download your diving logs to analyze your performance for future purposes.

Suunto D4I Novo

The Suunto D4I Novo comes with various options or colors such as black, lime, copper, pink, gray, blue, white, and ocean. Suunto made many options available in order for their clients to choose their favorite color, which is a pretty excellent idea. However, the Suunto D4I comes a little bit expensive compared to D4F, which cost you not less than $600.

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Besides being a little bit expensive, the Suunto D4I Novo provides more impressive features such as a full continuous decompression algorithm, an innovative apnea timer, updatable firmware, a built-in dive planner, and offers detailed graphical logs and dive data. These features are unique to Suunto, which is why it’s more expensive than its competitors.

Suunto D5

Suunto’s target market for its D5 diving watch might not be everyone, but the $900 price tag for this diving smartwatch is all worth it. The Suunto D5 is solely made for deep-sea diving; if you aren’t that type of person, you should step away from this watch since most of its features are all made for diving.

The Suunto D5 offers impressive technologies and features that you don’t often see from other brands, such as Wireless tank pressure monitoring, precise digital compass, and updateable software. Although it also has some basic features like mobile notifications, vibration alarms, and wireless mobile connection.

The Suunto D5 is also available in four different color options: black lime, black, white, and all black. Choosing what best fits your style is more than comfortable because of the available color options that Suunto D5 has. On the specification side of things, the Suunto D5 weighs not more than 90g, and it has a stainless steel bezel combined with a mineral crystal glass.


Suunto isn’t your ordinary smartwatch; despite being more expensive than the other smartwatch out there, Suunto offers excellent durability, reliability, and impressive features that no other smartwatch can surpass. With that, Suunto’s Diving watches are for those who love to spend most of their time at sea and do some deep-sea diving adventures.


Furthermore, when it comes to price versus features type of thing, Suunto did a very excellent job putting extraordinary features that surpasses other smart diving watches out there. Features such as built-in dive planner, 3D tilt-compensated compass, trimix support feature, dive data, detailed graphical logs, and wireless air integration, to name a few.

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