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Suunto: Watches For Travel Enthusiasts

People would always think about luxury and elegance that would perfectly match their formal, casual, and business attire when it comes to watches. Well, the world of watches is not only surrounded by elegance and fame; some watches are designed for marines, engineers, adventurers, and for the ones who are into sports.

Fort people who are not enthusiasts in watches and the ones who are not familiar with brands, specs, and finding the perfect adventurer and sports watch will be really difficult because there are already many in the market, and not all of them are durable. Here is one of the most famous brands designed just for people who are into sport and adventure.

Getting To Know The Suunto Brand

Believe it or not, the Suunto brand of watch already existed for more than eight decades in the market. They are the pioneering company that focused more on people who are into adventures, like scuba diving, mountain climbing, and sports. The company was founded by Tuomas Vohlonen. Since then, they created thousands of designs, each with unique features.

They created ways of helping people achieve their dreams of going out into the wild and exploring their stamina and physical limits. Choose one watch that would fit your style before exploring. Here are some of their New Suunto watches.

Suunto 9 G1 Baro Black

This Sunnto watch is created to perfection to assist you with your travel goals, which belong to the Suunto 9 series. The watch has an intelligent battery mode that can last up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking. It can navigate GPS, fused track, equipped with a barometer, and has different weather functions.

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This watch can track and monitor your heart rate through the wrist and has over 80 sport modes that you can choose from. Aside from all of those unique features, this watch can survive up to 100 meters. It is a High technology and long-lasting watch that can keep up with you until your goal is reached for only $603.

Suunto 7 Graphite Copper

This model SS050382000 is one of the new collections of Suunto 7, which is crafted and designed perfectly for everyone into sports and a healthy lifestyle. This watch has a route navigation feature and a battery saving mode that can stay awake while you exercise, enabling you to keep track and see all your training data.

This watch can also suggest different routes for your running activities and could determine a popular starting point. It also has access to the weather forecast to keep you ready all the time, and of course, you can listen to your favorite tracks. This watch is simply amazing, and the selling price of it is at $644.

Suunto Model SS050305000

This model of watch belongs to the Suunto 5 series that is perfectly created for men, which is perfect for people who love hiking. It has the ability to locate your loop and has quick access to your GPS for you to know your current location. This watch also tracks your speed when running and your cycling power.

The new Suunto 5 has a unique outdoor watch face that makes it attractive. This watch can also suggest you popular routes and the starting point and monitor your track until the goal is accomplished. The selling price of this watch is now at $344.

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To make your travel adventure complete, you should invest in having a watch that could stay up to you until your goal is finished. The Suunto collection of watches are created to perfection that could exceed their customer’s expectations. A watch that can be worn in casual attires and sports attire, get you now, and start a healthy lifestyle!


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