Santa Rosa CA Moving Guide

Although San Francisco is the dominant city in the area, Santa Rosa, Ca has much more to offer. If you are looking for a smaller place to live with vast potential for travel and keeping the family busy, Santa Rosa, CA is the place to be. If moving is in your near future, consider this unique part of the state. Here are some things you will want to know before moving to Santa Rosa, CA.


Growing, Growing, Growing

California is a state that is always experiencing growth, but in Santa Rosa, CA, growth happens each year. With plenty of industry and attractions to keep everyone busy, people of all ages venture to Santa Rosa each year. Currently, the population stands at just over 175,000 and each year the city grows up to 6%, so if you want to live in an up and coming place with endless potential, Santa Rosa, CA is the place to be.

You Will Never Feel Out of Place

In certain parts of the country, looking different is frowned upon. It can be difficult to fit in when you have a different style or hobby than those around you. Santa Rosa, CA is different than other areas of the country because they are more inclusive than most. No matter what your hobbies are, no matter who your family is, and no matter what your religious affiliation may be, you will find people that match up with you. You will never feel alone in this city. Anything goes and people are far less judgmental here than in other, smaller parts of the country.

An Affinity for Peanuts

Do not fret if you have a nut allergy, we are not talking about actual peanuts, but Peanuts characters such as Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and Charlie Brown himself. Throughout Santa Rosa, CA you will find displays celebrating the legacy of the Peanuts characters. Their devotion to all things Peanuts is derived from the fact that Charles M Schultz, the artist behind the famous characters lived in Santa Rosa, CA for the last half of his life. There is even a museum devoted to the creator and the characters, so if you are a Snoopy fan, you will love Santa Rosa, CA.

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A Farm City

With a growing population that Santa Rosa has, you might wonder where you will get fresh produce. Do not fear, it will come to you. Surrounding Santa Rosa, CA are farms. Farms for vegetables, fruit orchards, wineries, dairy farms, and ranches are found everywhere around the city. Each one of these farms comes each week to the Wednesday Night Market in downtown to sell their wares. You will also find farmer’s markets throughout the city, so there is no shortage of fresh, locally grown, farm raised products.

Stars Come Here

Although you might be under the impression that movies are only shot in Hollywood, most are shot on location. Santa Rosa, CA has been home to some of the best movies throughout the ages and directors such as Wes Craven and George Lucas regularly shoot in illustrious Santa Rosa, CA. Whether it is a beach scene or a shot of downtown, you have likely seen much of Santa Rosa in movies such as Shadow of Doubt, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Die Hard 2. Look carefully and you might get a little star struck in this remarkable city.

Your Dog Will Love It Too

Dog parks and dog friendly facilities can be difficult to find in even some of the largest cities. No matter how many people bring dogs into their family, they are still regarded as a nuisance in many cities. However, Santa Rosa, CA is among the most dog friendly cities in the country. Not only are residents encouraged to walk their dogs around the city and even enjoy a few dog friendly outdoor dining options, there is a staggering 5 full dog parks devoted to our furry friends, so you can take your dog anywhere you want to go without judgment. Your dog is going to love living here too.

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Where to Live

It is no secret that living in California can be a little more expensive than other parts of the country, but the location of Santa Rosa, CA lends itself to remarkably affordable housing, unlike near by San Francisco. However, upon moving here you will want to get a feel for the location and the ideal neighborhood you want to live in. Therefore, renting a space is the best way to find out where you want to be without committing to a full home. Unfortunately, this avenue does have a significant drawback.

Rental properties and apartments often lack available closet and storage space especially in a city that is as crowded as Santa Rosa, CA. The solution is not to rent 2 or 3 apartments to take in all your stuff, but merely rent a storage unit. Storage units in Santa Rosa, CA come in both standard and climate-controlled options and give you the best place to securely store your items without cluttering up your living space.

A City of Festivals

Santa Rosa, CA is more than just an amazing city to work and learn in. It is also a place to enjoy a bit of fun throughout the year at a variety of festivals. While living here, you are going to have to keep up with events going on around town. Santa Rosa, CA throws a festival for every occasion possible whether it is a celebration of the wine harvest or annual fairs coming into the city. There is always something for the whole family to do in this city, so mark your calendars and enjoy all that Santa Rosa, CA has to offer.

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Moving does not have to be a challenge and when moving into a place like Santa Rosa, CA, you will quickly learn to love your city. Santa Rosa, CA is a warm, inviting place that embraces the human spirit on all fronts, so get out and get invested in this remarkable community.

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