What is Sex Spray & How Do they Work: Top Things to Know

What is Sex Spray & How Do they Work: Top Things to Know

Those who have a hard time keeping up with the performance often look for the right solutions. Among the first things which come to their mind is sex or delay spray. The popularity of these sprays has made many people wonder how it gives erection for a longer period of time. Delay sprays are not complicated to use and you can easily buy sex spray online. To satiate your curiosity, we have come up with a detailed guide on what delay sprays are and how they work.

What is Sex Spray & How Do they Work: Top Things to Know

What Exactly is a Sex Spray?

Gone are days when people had to go through the messy process of applying delay cream to last longer. The process was not only slower but also inconvenient. With the arrival of the sex spray, things have changed radically.

As the name suggests, a delay spray performs the primary function of making you last longer in bed. It uses an anesthetic called lidocaine which helps to numb the sensitive area of your penis and thereby avoids premature ejaculation.

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Why Are Delay Sprays Used?

For people who face problems like premature ejaculation, delay sprays are an effective remedy. They save you from the embarrassment of going off early and assist you in a lasting performance. After application, most of the delay sprays guarantee a lasting period of around an hour.

How Do These Sprays Work?

One of the reasons for premature ejaculation is that the penis becomes sensitive and, as a result, reaches the climax much sooner than desired. The task of a sex spray is to desensitize these sensitive areas so that the erection can last much longer for a better climax.

The Time They Take

It usually takes 15-20 minutes for the sprays to work. Compared to lidocaine creams which would take no less than half an hour, this seems a significant improvement. The spray gradually dulls the sensitive area and therefore makes them less prone to get hyper-excited. As long as the effect lasts, the resistance to hypersensitivity in these areas remains.

When it comes to providing service, they can raise the erection period to an hour.

It takes at least 15 minutes for delay sprays to be effective.

Effectiveness of Delay Sprays

The effectiveness of the spray depends a lot on how you use it and which part of the penis you apply it on. To ensure optimum utilization, you have to keep certain things in mind.

The Sensitive Zones

Not the entire area of your penis is going to be sensitive. There are two parts that are most sensitive, and it is best to apply the spray here:

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  • Frenulum: Frenulum is the soft ridge that connects the head of the penis with the shaft.
  • Glans: The head of the penis is commonly known as glans. The area right underneath the glans is considered the most sensitive.

The Right Amount

To assess the effectiveness of the lidocaine delay spray, it is essential to use it in the right proportion. Although what exactly refers to as the right amount is a matter which varies from person to person. Depending on how sensitive your penile area is, you will have to apply the spray. In order to ensure the proper working, it is best to start with just 2-3 sprays. If you think that it is not working as expected, only then increase the amount.

What the sex sprays require is experimentation. Once you understand your requirement, you will have the perfect spray amount for yourself.


As the delay spray takes time to take effect, you mustn’t rush to action. One should wait for at least 20 minutes, by which time a quality delay spray will have taken effect. Since the duration varies from person to person, it is best to wait it out.

How To Use Delay Sprays?

Using delay sprays is not rocket science. The process is quite simple, and most people are probably familiar with it. Even so, it is better to be double sure regarding these matters. The first thing you need to do is buy sex spray online as they are more convenient to get and allows you to compare. Once you have decided on your product, the steps to follow are as given below:

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Step 1: Use The Spray

It doesn’t matter if you are flaccid or erect; a sex spray can easily be used in either case. You need to keep in mind that you should use the spray from a distance of around 30cm for proper effectiveness.

Step 2: Rub It Around

Rub the spray gently around the sensitive area to ensure that they get proper exposure to the spray and become desensitized.

Step 3: Wait It Out

Now it all comes down to waiting it out. It won’t take longer than 15-20 minutes for the spray to start showing its magic.

Step 4: You Are Ready

Once the 20 minutes pass, you are ready for action.

The working mechanism of sex spray is nothing complicated, and you can quickly get used to the right amount for yourself. Although they are considered safe, if you use too much, then you might face numbness or temporary loss of sensitivity in the penile area for a longer time. So, it’s always better to keep an eye on it.

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