10 AWESOME PC Gaming Tips and Tricks For Your GAMING

10 AWESOME PC Gaming Tips and Tricks For Your GAMING

Playing games on consoles is often easier, but the PC offers a higher level of excitement. The truth is that using your PC opens up a lot of opportunities and choices for gamers. You can even join a lot of communities and try out new games using your PC. Also, your PC gives you the leverage to download good gaming software to up your experience and satisfaction.

So, if you’ve been thinking about it and now ready to start, let’s help you a bit. We will share at least 10 tips and tricks to boost your PC gaming experience. These tips and tricks will help even the pro gamers to enjoy the games more.

10 AWESOME PC Gaming Tips and Tricks For Your GAMING

Check these tips below!

PC Gaming Tips & Tricks

Buy a good gaming Mouse & Keyboard.

The best keyboard for PC gamers is the one with switches. The standard membrane keyboards will not give you the responsiveness required during your games. Even though they’re cheap and available, don’t use them. Search for keyboards that can allow you to type precisely and faster. As for the mouse, get a suitable gaming mouse with extra buttons and a long-lasting battery. Also, we recommend the wired mouse to the wireless types for best performance.

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Get a good headphone and monitor.

Many games out there require you to listen for sounds that betray your enemies. This is why the headphone is almost compulsory. But make sure you choose the 3-dimensional headphone that won’t miss a thing.

Also, a good PC monitor can refresh faster, and this will enable you to see images in seconds. So buy a gaming monitor with a good Hz and don’t use the normal monitors.

Vary your Game vendors

Since you’re using the PC instead of a game console, you now have a wider option to buy different games. You can buy from Amazon PC Store, GreenManGaming, Steam, Origin, Itch.io, Humble, Xbox PC Store, GOG, etc., but don’t depend only on one vendor, or you’ll miss all the good games and competitive prices. So, check each of the vendors and get good offers.

However, many PC gamers love Steam as it offers discounted prices and a wide array of PC games. You can also find the most popular games on Steam. So, you may check it out first.

Improve the speed of your PC

Speed is everything in online gaming. So, if you don’t want to hit your mouse or keyboard in frustration, help your PC to run faster. You can get some game boosters, improve the graphic card, update your PC drivers or reduce the programs running in the background. Other things you can do is setting the battery to “high-performance” mode, install an antivirus, use a good

ISP. Moreover, if you reduce the screen resolution a bit, you may enjoy more speed when playing.

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Monitor your PC

To enjoy your PC gaming experience, you must keep the device in good health. If everything is not working perfectly, you can’t use it to play. So, get some apps that can provide real-time PC health updates to you. For instance, these tools will notify you if the CPU is overheating or at a point of damage.

So, get the apps such as the HWMonitor or Speccy to monitor your PC and alert you of imminent danger.

Use SSD instead of HDD.

A solid State Drive is faster than Hard Disk Drive. You can achieve better speed with the SSD than HDD. At least the load times and texture streaming will be faster, thereby ensuring a heightened gaming experience. If your PC has SSD, that’s great but if not, buy it. The only downside is that SSD is costlier than HDD. But if you can make the investment, get both of them.

Do proper PC Maintenance.

Every electronic device requires maintenance to function properly at all times. Your PC is not an exception. So, always keep it clean and in good condition. Clean the hardware properly like the fans to ensure they function. Also, make sure that the airflow into the system is adequate to prevent overheat and damages. Also, update the OS of your PC and make sure to install an antivirus.

Invest in Extra Cooling

One of the simplest things you can do to protect your PC is to make sure it’s getting adequate air. Depending on the game you’re playing, the PC is always working harder to keep up with the demands. So, it’s right that you help it to cool down no matter how long you play. Get another fan and install it to keep your PC from overheating and spoiling your fun.

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Register in Reddit and Discord

There’s a world of gamers out there for you to join. These gaming communities will assist you in almost every issue you may face while enjoying your PC gaming. So, for more resources, tips, and hacks, you need to join them and explore.

Protect your body

Many people sit for hours playing video games. If you’re this person, make sure that your body is protected from the strain. First, get a comfortable chair to support your hip and back properly. Also, use protective glasses to protect your eyes from the light that attacks them for hours.


Do you want to enhance your PC gaming experience? Follow the tips and tricks we’ve shared above. Also, if you want to enjoy game enhancements that are out of this world, visit BattleLog today before your next PC gaming adventure.

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