Top 5 Keyboard Apps that make Typing Interesting

Top 5 Keyboard Apps that make Typing Interesting

What are the most crucial applications on your phone when you want to do your work quickly?

Suppose you are like other people, I will ask; the keyboard is not the option that came to your mind. But when you think about it, though the layout that enables you to input text plays a vital role in mobile productivity. However, when you are editing documents or sending an email, it has more impact on your on- the –go – efficiency than anything else on your device.

Top 5 Keyboard Apps

Although it is easy to settle on one keyboard, however, you downloaded it yourself or just stuck with your device default and never revisited the theme.

As it turns around, the Android arrangement of the keyboard app keeps changing from experienced next word prediction to customize one-touch button, new advanced swiping choice, and also handwritten inputs. It is plentiful, and diverse options are available in Marathi Keyboard with its immense benefits. If you are not settling till then, evaluate this Marathi keyboard, and you might be in surprise.

So start stretching fingers, and it’s the right time to find the best keyboard for your app.

1. Gboard

If you will get a pixel, then there is the probability you have been using this keyboard. But if you don’t know, Google provides its keyboard app. Gboard is a highly comprehensive portal whose powerful feature is there inbuilt Google search engine. It means it provides you with the facility to Google things through the keyboard without leaving the app you are currently using or invoking Google Assistant.

It is beneficial if Google search is at the tip of your fingers and the GIF option is not limited to IMGURL or GIPHY, and you can take help to anything from the internet. You will also get the other option of Google features like translation and voice typing inside the app. However, the swipe typing function is the best feature, and you can customize your keyboard more straightforward to use it with a single hand.


2. Grammarly

If you click on any YouTube video and you will get a Grammarly ad. You also know about the Grammarly extension for your browser, providing a keyboard app for your smartphone. If you have access to a Grammarly account, you can connect your app with and benefit from this service. The Grammarly app will correct your spelling mistakes and suggest changes and also find the writing style.

In terms of customization, it is one of the simple and best apps that people mainly use. In this app, you have a choice of light and dark themes. Additionally, you can also select the things like having a number of the row at the top of the keyboard or removing the keyboard. It has also provided you with an emoji keyboard and allows you to write in 29 languages. Some features are available for Android users, but they may still be unavailable for iPhone users.


The other keyboard app with legal security bragging rights is Types. The best feature about this portal is that it gives complete privacy, so it can be the keyboard for you if it is an issue.

One of the exciting features of Typewise is its hexagonal structure that gives you a quick and accurate typing style. When you set up this app, your typing keys will look like a beehive, and the space bar will turn into two keys in the middle. The hexagonal structure changes the classic QWERTY keyboard and that you are likely familiar with, so it requires some time.

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The learning curve is a bit vertical. Although with shapes, it is easy for you to use your screen real estate and give you the larger keys and structure that requires time. The developers know about the challenge, so they make tutorials for quick learning. This app also offers a traditional layout that is highly customizable, and you can add rows, borders and numbers, vibrations and sounds, change font size, and many more.

4. SwiftKey

Few keyboards have some particular approach that requires a specific type of user. But SwiftKey is different. It is a strong and all-rounder performer and has a fantastic keyboard that excels in all-touch typing.

SwiftKey is not behind in making the accurate prediction by using your typing history to provide for timesaving and give you exact correct guesses of words and phrases you should use next. You can select various size and structure options, including its positionable floating keyboard and break–up thumb typing setup.

Other prominent features include automatically synced data and preference across multiple devices and theme choices and smooth support service for auto-correction or you can use for numerous languages. It also supports other languages. If you do not have any particular requirements and require a fantastic keyboard that is highly customizable and quick to use, SwiftKey is an excellent choice.

5. Google Handwriting Input

Do you need an easy way to input text by handwriting while using the other keyboard most of the time? The Google handwriting input keyboard is there. The app is what you want to write. It provides you screen an open area for scribbling and translating whatever you write into standard text. It works in both forms, i.e., cursive or print, and also identifies hand-drawn emojis. The application supports 87 languages and includes some tricky to manage with an advanced traditional tap-based input method.

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You probably won’t use handwriting Input as the primary keyboard, but if you are writing on your screen, it is the best choice you want. By installing the app, you will place a globe icon at the left side of your keyboard to toggle quickly between the two with other keyboards.


These are some best keyboard app that will enable you to work faster, better, and without any effort. Whatever keyboard you will select depends on your choice. No one size fits all. You can download Hindi keyboard for typing in Hindi easily as per your convenience.

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