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Top 5 Recipe Apps to Improve Your Cooking


Cooking can be an unnerving task for beginners. Additionally, when you do not have the proper recipes to follow, or your cookbook keeps on getting lost somewhere in the kitchen. So, here’s where recipe apps come in handy.

Having recipe apps on your smartphone can save you from all the hustles. They provide you with convenient features such as step-by-step videos, end-product images that you can try to resemble, and shopping lists. Some apps can even cater to your dietary needs; whether you are a vegan, keto, or you have dietary restrictions.

In addition, some apps also offer a vast online community where people all over the world get to share their recipes. Not only that, but you can get some tips to tweak the recipes depending on how you like them to be.

The following are some of the best recipe apps that you can use:



Paprika is best known for its built-in web browser to search for recipes from the top culinary websites for beginners and experts. Not only that, but it can collect existing recipes where you can simply tap to save any recipe that you find. If you are using computer Paprika on multiple devices, do not worry about losing your data as the app can sync it on every device, including your computer and tablet.

The best thing about this app is that you get to edit the recipe as you cook. This means you can cross off any steps you have completed and highlight or bold any text. You also do not have to worry about touching your screen constantly with greasy fingers, as your phone screen won’t dim if you have the app open.

Paprika not only eases you with the recipe, but it also helps throughout the cooking process. In addition, it offers an organized shopping list, measurement converter, and a timer. The app is available on iOS, Android phone, Mac, and Windows for free and premium versions.

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BBC Good Food

If you are thinking of a meal, it is highly likely to be available on BBC Good Food, a free app that offers thousands of straightforward recipes. The app includes both user-submitted recipes and tested dishes from the BBC Good Food professional chefs and celebrity chefs.

The step-by-step guidelines make it easier for you to follow the recipe without forgetting any ingredients behind. What makes the app more convenient is that you can easily access the recipes offline when you save them in your collections. Moreover, it allows you to share any recipes with your family and friends freely.


Tasty is an app from BuzzFeed that offers easy recipes with step-by-step instructions. The best thing about this app is that every recipe comes with a video tutorial, so it’s easier to follow the techniques and see if you are doing each step correctly.

Following its claim as the “world’s largest food network,” Tasty offers an online community approach where it allows the users to comment or rate any recipe as well as suggest recipe alterations. Apart from that, users can also submit their personalized recipes for others to try.

You can filter the recipes according to your preferences, such as the ingredients, difficulty, cuisine, and more. In addition, you can also search for meat-based recipes or block them if you are a vegetarian. If there is any recipe that piqued your interest, just tap the save button to keep it for later.


The next app that you can try is Yummly, a free app you can use to discover new recipes. When you first access the app, you will go through a setup process to help the app to navigate your preferences.

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Moreover, the good thing about this app is that it allows you to enjoy your meal despite being on a strict diet. So, whether you have any allergies or crave a burger but are on a diet, Yummly can help cater to your needs. As you use the app, it will slowly adjust the recommendations based on your taste.

Kitchen Stories

If you are a visual person and rely heavily on images, then Kitchen Stories will be the best app. Each recipe includes step-by-step photo instructions and, in some cases, tutorial videos. The app also provides themed menus like “Easy Recipes” or “All-Time Classic,” making it easier for you to browse through the list.

Kitchen Stories also provides an extensive list of recipes created by its chefs. You can save the recipes you want to try for later and leave some comments to guide other users or inspire them. Another plus point of this app is it features an automatically generated grocery list that you can export to your phone’s reminder.

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