Top Trends in Event Backdrops for Photo Booths

Top Trends in Event Backdrops for Photo Booths

Event planners are always on the lookout for innovative ideas to make their events memorable, and one such trend that has gained immense popularity in recent years is photo booths. However, with the increasing demand for photo booths, event planners need to step up their game and incorporate unique and eye-catching backgrounds to make their photo booths stand out from the rest. To help you stay on top of your event planning game, this article will explore the top trends in event backdrops for photo booths that you need to know.



This type of backdrop allows event planners to add a personal touch by incorporating a unique message, logo, or image onto the backdrop. With customisable backdrops, you can create a memorable experience for your guests explicitly tailored to your event. Whether a corporate event or a wedding, a customised backdrop is a great way to make your photo booth stand out and create a lasting impression.

Greenery and Floral

Another popular trend is incorporating greenery and floral arrangements. Whether it’s a wall of vines or a backdrop of blooming flowers, adding natural elements to your photo booth creates a refreshing and Instagram-worthy experience for your guests. These backgrounds also provide a beautiful setting for wedding photos or garden-themed events.


If you are looking for a modern look for your photo booth, minimalist backdrops are a great choice. They feature simple geometric shapes, monochromatic colour schemes, and clean lines. These settings provide a sleek and sophisticated look and are perfect for corporate events or events with a modern theme.

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Textured backdrops are a great way to add depth and interest to your photo booth. From faux brick walls to shimmery metallic, there are a variety of textures that can be incorporated into your backdrop. They create a visually appealing setting and provide a unique and tactile experience for guests.


Neon backdrops are an exciting trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. They feature bright and bold neon colours, often with quirky or humorous messages. They are perfect for events with a fun and playful theme, such as a 1980s party or a neon-themed dance.


Vintage backgrounds are another trend that has become popular in the industry. They feature vintage patterns and designs, such as retro wallpaper or old-time advertisements. Vintage scenes create a nostalgic and charming atmosphere that is perfect for weddings or events with a vintage or rustic theme.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are a trend that has been making a comeback in recent years. From chevron to polka dots, incorporating a bold print into your backdrop adds a fun and playful element to your photo booth. Bold prints are perfect for events with a young and trendy audience or events with a whimsical theme.


Mirror backdrops are a trend that has recently gained popularity. These settings feature a mirror surface that reflects the surroundings, creating an illusion of depth and space. They are perfect for events with a glamorous or futuristic theme and create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. They are also great for wedding receptions as they create a romantic and dreamy setting.

Event backdrops for photo booths have become an essential element in creating a memorable event. From customisable scenes to neon backgrounds, incorporating the latest trends can help elevate your event to the next level. When selecting a backdrop for your event, it’s essential to consider your theme and audience to ensure that your photo booth makes a lasting impression. With these top trends, you can create a unique and memorable experience for your guests that they will not forget.