What Type of Vacation Is Right for Your Family?

What Type of Vacation Is Right for Your Family?

When you’re rounding up the family to plan a vacation, the first question asked is usually, “Where should we go?” There are so many choices for families. Here are a few types to get a party bus from Baltimore for vacations for you to consider.


Beach Vacation

It’s hard to beat the popular beach vacation. Surf, sand, and sun are irresistible combinations for most people. Whether you choose a high-rise condo in a bustling, action-packed coastal city or a secluded beach house surrounded only by dunes, you are sure to find the best balance of relaxation and excitement for your family.

A family beach resort offers an all-inclusive experience for family members of all ages. Most family resorts offer entertainment and activities for children, private beach access, and prepaid food and drinks. Resorts are a good option if you want to know ahead of time what you’ll be spending.


Another terrific all-inclusive option for families is a cruise. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or fast-paced excitement, cruises from Florida offer the best of both worlds. Stay on the ship and enjoy its amenities, or take part in a day excursion to try something new. You may find yourself zip-lining, learning history, tasting delicious food, or shopping in one-of-a-kind markets.

Many cruises include entertainment for children and teens, such as treasure hunts and theme parties for younger children and video-game tournaments and cooking classes for teenagers.


While camping triplets you escape to the great outdoors, you have the option to make your trip as primitive or sophisticated as you like. For the camping purists, a canvas tent, some cooking tools, and warm sleeping bags are almost all you’ll need. Other families may enjoy “glamping,” a camping experience that includes a tent with beds and electricity. Another choice is an RV, giving you the amenities of a home with Mother Nature just a few steps away from your door.

Before you take off into the wild, decide what type of camping your family wants (or needs) to do. Some adventurous families may choose a secluded campsite. Others, especially those new to camping, may prefer an established campground with facilities close by. Plan each meal of your camping trip and purchase the right amount of food to prevent under- or overpacking. You may need to reserve your site well in advance, especially during holidays. Remember to pack rain boots and ponchos in case of wet weather. Most importantly, pack a first-aid kit to take care of bumps, stings, or scratches.

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Theme Park

No vacation offers thrills quite like a theme-park vacation. Roller coasters and rides await the family seeking adventure and action. Decide how far you want to travel, then research theme parks near your destination. Consider the ages of your children, too. If some are younger, it’s wise to choose a park with a section devoted to the smaller set.

Larger theme parks offer on-site hotel accommodations, but if you’re visiting a smaller park, research hotel options before you go. Some may book up on busy weekends or holidays. You may also be able to make reservations at the theme park’s restaurants. Opt for times that are less popular if you want to avoid the crowds.

Many theme parks don’t allow you to bring coolers, but if you can stash water bottles and snacks, it may spare you from a hungry toddler or grumpy teenager.

Educational Vacation

Don’t worry — an educational vacation can include plenty of fun. Chances are, the kids won’t even notice they’re learning something along the way. A trip to a national park offers lessons about ecology and wildlife. Historic cities are abundant with museums, sites of historical events and festivals celebrating noteworthy figures or occasions. A big city is a wonder to behold for those who have never visited one, and they are filled with art and science museums, cuisine from many cultures, and skyscrapers with amazing views.

Whatever type of vacation your family chooses, remember the essential rule of vacationing together: Have fun and enjoy each other’s company. No matter where you go, you’ll make memories.

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