5 Most Unusual Birthday Gifts That Will Blow Her Mind

5 Most Unusual Birthday Gifts That Will Blow Her Mind

If you have known her for a few years or you have been together since you both were eight, your best friend surely deserves to feel the most special girl on her birthday. Think of all the times when you stick to each other during the hardships of life and how you both grew in this beautiful relationship. So do you think a regular gift or a regular birthday cake is enough to show how thankful you are for her in life? Certainly not. Is she that type of person who likes personalized gift items that hold sentimental value? Then get her a beautifully engraved heart necklace or an initial ring. Does she love cakes? Get a delightful customized cake with her picture on it. Is she a home decor lover? Then you can probably give a matching lamp or a wind chime to upgrade her room look. See the availability of options is endless but we are here to help you with this problem of choosing a particular gift that fits her style.


5 Most Unusual Birthday Gifts That Will Blow Her Mind

Here are some unusual gift items that she will cherish for many years. You just have to select according to her style and interest. Watch her face with a big smile on it when she receives your gift.

Birthstone wishing balls

Everyone wishes something on their birthdays and what if you give them birthstone wishing balls. They just have to make a wish, set their goals, and write that affirmation on a small note. Then fold and slip into this wishing ball. This will help her to nurture and look forward to life. She can make 52 of these wish notes where she can set her daily goals and a message of gratitude to the universe. You just have to choose a birthstone according to her birthday month. It will be a very delightful moment when she will look at this gift.

Friendship lamp

If your best friend is far away from you then it is really tough. Though there are plenty of apps like facetime, skype, and texting nothing can replace your best friend being by your side. But we are very happy to tell you that there is a device that will help you to fill this gap. This matching friendship lamp will help you to connect with them whenever you want. It comes with a pair, you just have to touch the head of your lamp and colorful light will show up on your best friend’s lamp. Isn’t it cool? Now grab this one and fill the void of your friend being there with you always.

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Delicious cake

Birthdays have always been special for everyone. So make your BFF birthday more special by surprising them with a delicious cake and that too with a customized one.

You can get a 3D-designed cake with a picture on it. And we are suggesting you get it done from online cake delivery services. You will get the best cakes.

A memory book

You can create a DIY memory book. Just collect all your pictures and mementos and make a beautiful scrapbook out of it. You can also write sweet and secret messages in between to make it more sentimental. This will truly blow her mind away.

Heart necklace

This will make a funny and sweet birthday gift as well. If you want to tell your friend how much you love her then you can tell her by treating her with this anatomical heart necklace. You can tie it with this silver chain or a leather thong.

So these were some unusual gift items that will blow your best friend’s mind after she sees it. Hope she likes the gift you will choose from these.

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