How to use Subdomains for SEO

How to use Subdomains for SEO?

A subdomain is a subset of your website, accommodating to organize or break your website content into different segments. A subdomain is a series of characters that precede the source domain and applies a period to part them. A subfolder appears after the domain suffix and is divided by a front slash. You may hold many subdomains, and they can have a name like blog., help., store., etcYou can generate a subdomain for free, but you need to renew your registration with information of the 3rd-level domain. Here is the use of a subdomain for SEO.


If you need to divide content by region:

Being a freelance business person with offices in several countries or cities, you may want to sell individual items or services in a definite area. Subdomains will assist you in breaking local keywords and links for separate regions, so they do not collide or overlap with each other. Also, it can be helpful for an informational site. Wikipedia presents content for every nation on a particular subdomain. Before deciding on local subdomains or country domains, you have to think about all the pros and cons such as what is simpler to achieve, which is less time-consuming to manage, etc.

When you want to identify content based on its target:

Many websites introduce different kinds of data such as product catalogue, forum, knowledgebase, blog, members’ area for registered users, etc. All these items may hold various messages and can involve modifying functionalities and databases. In this case, subdomains are applied to divide them from one another. By the same process, you may require to separate your help section –, blog –, store –, cloud service –, etc. For this, you can contact the SEO Sydney agency. They can assist you in handling the subdomain for SEO.

If you have a mobile version of the website:

When you have a mobile version of your website, then it is advantageous for you. It brings various traffic using separate premium channels. So, if you want to satisfy your mobile website users, you have to create an “m.” subdomain like,,, etc. Google suggests utilizing active design as it is more accessible for developers to execute and manage it. Subdomains do not make additional troubles for search engines. You will also want to have a subdomain for brand apps, such as or

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When you want to test new things on your website:

One of the greatest features of subdomains is that you can utilize them for examining a new idea. Experimenting with a modern CMS won’t affect the work of the central domain in any way. You can start a new engine for your subdomain, examine all of its characteristics, and determine how relevant it is to your website’s functionality. After the successful testing, you can transfer it to the main field on the website. A password normally secures test subdomains. In SE Ranking, you can provide the bot permission to scan your locked domains. When you confirm that everything goes accurate on your trial domain, then you can show it to the search engine.


In summary, it can be concluded that sometimes subdomain is essential for SEO. But do not constitute any subdomain without a valid reason. At first, determine why you require them, what is your actual goal for creating them. If you are an SEO expert and have a website with subdomains to operate on, then firstly examine why they were built. When you own a huge workforce to manage subdomains, go towards it.

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