What to Expect at the Brickvention LEGO Fan Convention in 2021

What to Expect at the Brickvention LEGO Fan Convention in 2021

Australia is known for its natural wonders, beaches, and highly urbanized cities that managed to blend green spaces with the high-rises seamlessly. But the country also has a large community of LEGO enthusiasts, fans, and designers who take time out of their busy lives and become kids again. So much so, that the community created its own festival, whose popularity has increased over the years.

If ComicCon is the destination for comic lovers, Brickvention is the mecca of all serious LEGO fans. It is where everybody gathers to share their passion and also marvel at the one-of-a-kind exhibits, which showcase the skills of their makers. It is also proof-positive that LEGO in Australia is a huge deal.

Here are some of the more important details about the convention:

  1. Brickvention Convention Day will still be available–Habitual participants of the event are familiar with the Brickvention Convention Day, which is typically held a day before the Public Expo. The AFOLs or the Adult Fans of LEGO can still mingle and socialize even if they have nothing to exhibit. Children are also welcome to participate although they need a guardian or parent to supervise them. While the lineup is still not final, you can expect guest speakers and builders at the event. Judging from the lineup in the past, however, you can expect some LEGO certified professionals and ambassadors from Australia, as well as the CEE Team, to be involved somehow.
  2. Fun activities — The event will include fun contests, such as Speed Build, Build in the Bag, Tower Build, Speed Sort, and Blind Build. These competitions are always popular because they are done in good fun.
  3. Interact with professional LEGO builders — Brickvention is an opportunity for fans to interact with their idols. Certified professionals will be at the Public Expo to answer questions and also showcase their new builds.
  4. Bring home your own LEGO — The convention also allows you to buy products sold on-site. It’s rare to get the chance to bring home a LEGO in Australia from one of your idols, and Brickvention provides the platform for you to do that.
  5. No tickets sold at the venue — All tickets are pre-purchased to allow the organisers to control the crowd. You need to go to their official website to buy the tickets. For now, the rate is $18 for adults and $9 for children. Admission for kids under three years old is free. In the same vein, Brickvention Convention Day membership tickets are not sold at the door for the same reason. You may still buy tickets at the door but only if they are not all sold-out during the pre-purchase. It is a risk you are going to take but keep in mind that Brickvention is always at full capacity.
  6. Expect a large crowd — The convention is prepared for 25,000 people, so you are going to bump shoulders with strangers. Fortunately, there is a map of the event available at the door or the event website. You can plan your visit to maximise your time at the event.
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The Brickvention Australia is set on January 16-17, 2021 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Based on previous events, there would be around 100 to 500 exhibitors that will be joining the event.

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