World Cricket Championship 2 APK

World Cricket Championship 2 APK


What is World Cricket Championship 2 APK

World Cricket Championship 2 APK: In the globe, cricket is a popular sport that incorporates physical factors, technique and reflexes of perfection. For many Asian people, in contrast to euro nations, playing with a stick is not very common. However, unlike in Eastern countries, it is a famous sport when it comes to Europe. It is so successful that many well-known game developers have published several games focused on the pure-play of this thrilling sport running on both PC and mobile platforms.

World Cricket Championship 2 APK

   In the mobile game, World Cricket Championship 2, there is a game that will have resonated and created a label for the players. WCC2 is a brand new generation of smartphone cricket, created by the top boss of mobile gaming-Nextwave Multimedia. When opposed to its predecessors in both 3d animation and content, the maker promises not to disappointment true cricket fans while it has brought substantial enhancements.

Details of WCC2 MOD APK:

File Size 371MB
Operating System Android 4.1 and Above
Developer by Nextwave Multimedia
Latest Version v2.8.9
Last Updated Oct 7, 2020

How to Download World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK with OBB DATA

We have unlocked many of the premium functionality that even a player needs to enjoy in this WCC 2 MOD APK. This MOD WCC2 APK also comes with infinite currency, then you can purchase them if there’s going to be anything we just had to forget to unlock. The key component is the game’s graphics, and they also added commentary options in 2 languages in Hindi and English to make the game more authentic.

world cricket championship 2 apk

I know you’re actually waiting for the download button to download the World Cricket Championship MOD APK. So, below are given download links.


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World Cricket Championship OBB File

 World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK installation

          So, this is now the installation part of where I will have a basic guide World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK. please ensure that all the appropriate files have been downloaded according to the above download page.

  • A .rar file format is the file which you the download section ahead, and you’ll need to extract this before continuing with the installed process. Try utilising ES file manager on your android mobile if your file explorer doesn’t help extracting files.
  • You can get two directories after extracted the compression file. The first of all get APK file, and the second will just be a compressed OBB data file.
  • Disable your access to the Internet now. Don’t fear, after downloading the game, you can enabled it.
  • You need to begin installed the APK file yet, but then don’t open it.
  • This is the main aspect of this installation now. So, go over to the main memory of the Android and check whether or not the OBB folder is open. It’s fine to go if there’s an OBB folder, so if that’s lacking, you have to start create a directory there.
  • Extract the archive that comes with either the APK file now, and copy the com.nextwave.wcc2 file and paste this into the newly created OBB directory.
  • Restart your system now and start to play the Open World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK.

In The Palm Of Their Hands 3D Smartphone Cricket Game

First, the capability to flexibly migrate between online and offline modes is the most important feature that can be stated in’ WCC2‘. Separately, gamers can always meet other competitors via 1vs1 mode-Local Rivals or NPC mode competition mode while you weren’t in the service area of the internet. You can have access to every single player on the planet in 1vs1 Online Rivals mode when in Online mode. You need to face smarter tactics from tougher rivals now.

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Quality of Graphics and Sound:

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World Cricket Championship 2 APK

Since it’s a sequel to the World Cricket Championship cult, WCC2 has a stunning, much better than the previous edition, malicious history. The game’s character animations, actions of actors, locations, and environment are both detailed and amazingly realistic.

WCC2 Mod Apk Features:

So below, some functionality of WCC2 Mod apk were highlighted by me. But if you’re a new comer and are still unsure about this premium mod framework being downloaded, then the following functionality will certainly help you make a choice.

  • Coins Unlimited

Coins seem to be the World Cricket Championship 2 league’s premium currency, which lets us unlock products and competitions for the game. We have only few coins in the regular edition of the game, and if we need more coins, then we’ll have to purchase them from the game shop. But, with no restrictions, you can use unlimited coins in WCC2 Mod Apk.

  • Unlocked NPL Auction

The most thrilling mode of such a game in that we get to pick our favourite players inside the fund is the National Premier League auctions. But we need to invest lakhs of coins from our coin depot to unlock the NPL Auction.

  • All Stadiums Unlocked

In the World Cricket Championship 2 match, there are many of stadiums available that give you the exciting experience of playing in your favourite stadium. But sadly, a lot of popular stadiums are stuck in the game, and we have to pay money if we’re to unlock it.

  • Experience ad-free gameplay

In any game or app, commercial ads is the hardest thing that we’ll have to face. Similarly, World Cricket Championship 2 also features commercials that have destroyed the experience of playing cricket and demolished the concentration of members on the game.

  • Unlocked Everything
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All the items needed for in-app transactions and coins already are unlocked in the modified WCC2 game, which finally allows you the fluent adventures of playing games with maximum potential.

FAQ’S World Cricket Championship

Is it secure to use Mod Apk on this?

Yes, using WCC2 Mod Apk on any Android device is 100 percent secure.

May I go offline to play this game?

Yeah, you could play an offline World Cricket Championship 2 game, but don’t forget to link to the internet to sync your coins and advance in the game. It allows both offline and online gaming, however.


World Cricket Championship 2 mod apk with infinite coins and activated premium functionalities. Today, win each tournament and serve your country on the leaderboard of the world. Well don’t hesitate to share it with your mates if you really like this WCC2 mod apk 2020. Even, if you’ve any problem with this modded version, or if you don’t fit with any mod function, then you can drop a comment. I would wanted to solve all of your questions.

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