Download KineMaster for PC Windows

Download KineMaster for PC Windows

KineMaster for PC Today, in market many photos and video editing tools are available. For editing our photos and videos, many of us have installed those tools in our smarts. As these applications are not professional, they can be used for the casual use. There are some professional photo and video editing applications like Adobe Light room, Adobe Photoshop and many more. As they are the professor tools, they are costly to use. So there are other applications which work as same as these professional apps do. KineMaster is one of the applications which do a great job in editing videos.


About KineMaster:

If you are willingly looking for the outstanding video or the image editing software for your PC, then you are in a correct place. In this article I am going to give you the complete idea of KineMaster and the process of installing it. In recent years, the most popular video or image editing application is KineMaster.

It is also available for different devices such as Android, Mac, iOS, and windows. KineMaster is free for Android version and it is available in the play stores. KineMaster is easy to use and is a user-friendly application. The features and the editing options of this application are unique.

Within a short period of time there are nearly 100+ Millions of downloads.

KineMaster for PC:

Download KineMaster for PC Windows

The most popular, the best and free video or image editing application for Android users is KineMaster. But now it is available for the PC or Laptops. Mostly this application will be very helpful for the short film makers and the YouTube creators. The KineMaster supports 3D transition of videos, multi-track audios, multiple layers of images and videos, trimming and cutting of videos etc. This application is completely free and I am sure that this gives you an amazing experience.

Features of KineMaster for PC or Laptop:

The features of KineMaster are as follows

  • As I have told you before that this application is completely free. This application is available in the Google Play Store. You can download this application in play store for free.
  • The best image or the video editing software for the PC or Windows or for Android users is KineMaster.
  • The speed of your videos can also be controlled. By using this feature you can create slow motion videos and also can extend your video time.
  • There are many image editing options available in this application. So you can edit your image with Mosaic, blur and other effects.
  • There are many animation styles in KineMaster. By using this feature you can edit your images or videos with a 3D transition or multiple layers and other animations.
  • While creating the videos you can trim your frame.
  • For all your images and videos you can control the brightness, saturation and hue.
  • The best feature of KineMaster is recording the audio or video. This feature is available in PC. You can also record audio and video using this application.
  • The background for your videos can also be changed.
  • There are multiple layers of videos, audios, stickers available in KineMaster for PC.
  • All your edits can be seen by using the instant preview option.
  • After completion of editing your images or videos you can share them on the social media sites such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.
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What are the System Requirements to run KineMaster for PC?

If you have Android emulators in your device then it will be easy to download the application.

Your PC should have some configurations to run the Android emulators such as nice player and Blue stacks. The below list of configurations have to be updated in your PC.

  • You should have at least 2GB Ram in your system.
  • To install the KineMaster app in your device, it should have the free space of 10 GB.
  • You should also have a good internet connection.
  • For editing the images and the videos, your system should support the good graphics.
  • If all these configurations are available in your PC then you can install emulators.

How to download KineMaster for PC or Laptop?

Firstly, KineMaster was not available for PC; it was only for Android devices. But now it is also available for PC. To download the KineMaster for your PC, follow the below steps.

  • To download the Android applications on your PC then you have to download and install the android emulators.
  • In internet banking many android emulators are available. But it is best to download Box app player or Blue stacks app player for your PC.
  • To download the KineMaster app in your PC or Laptop there are two methods. You can follow any one of the method to download the application.
  • The two methods are installing the KineMaster using the Box app player and the other is installing the KineMaster for PC using Blue stacks app player.
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Download KineMaster for PC Windows

Method 1:

Installing KineMaster for PC using Nov App player:

  • Nox App player is also one of the android emulators used to download the android apps on to your PC.
  • Firstly, Install the Nox App player in to your PC. Then to access the Google Play Store, login to your Google account.
  • Then search for the KineMaster. Then download and install the KineMaster application in your Nox app player.
  • Then the KineMaster app is installed in your PC. Now your KineMaster for PC is ready to use.

Download KineMaster for PC Windows

Method 2:

Installing KineMaster app using Blue stacks app player:

One of the best Android emulators in the internet marketing is Bluestacks. Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website. It is free of cost. As Bluestacks is a user friendly emulator you can easily download and use the emulator.

  • To install Bluestacks on your PC click here.
  • @@@@@@Bluestacks for PC Windows (add here Jaan) @@@@@@@
  • After installing the Bluestacks emulator on your PC, click on my apps button. Then go to the search bar and search for the KineMaster app. KineMaster app will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now click on the application and install it. To download the android apps from the Google Play Store, just log in to your Google account.
Download the android
  • After logging in to your Google account, your installation process begins. After the completion of installation process the KineMaster app will be launched into your PC.

How to use KineMaster for PC?

If you are using the KineMaster application for the first time, then follow the below given steps to edit your videos or images. All of us may know that using the KineMaster application is very simple and easy. By having the simple and the basic knowledge about the application you can use this application on your PC.

After installing the application in your PC and to use this application follow the below process.

1. Firstly, you have to open the KineMaster app.

2. Then to start the editing process selects the images or the videos.

3. Now to edit the images or the videos, you will be given many options.

4. The options like text, music, trim and more will be seen on your screen. You can select whichever the option you want to edit your images.

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For better editing you can also use all the features of KineMaster.

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Best Alternatives of KineMaster:

As I told you that KineMaster is also available for PC. The advantage of using this application in PC is that you will get a big screen. To edit the videos for your personal projects or for business or to get the original application of KineMaster, there are many alternatives. The alternatives are as follows.

1. Windows Movie Maker:

One of the alternatives of KineMaster is Windows Movie Maker. This tool works on the Windows PC but it does not work on the Mac. But Mac users are also having many alternatives. Using this Windows Movie Maker and editing the videos in this is very easy. There are many features such as subtitles, transition effects and many more.

2. FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo is other good alternative of KineMaster. This a tool which specially designed so that it should work on the Windows PC and Mac. There are no limitations while editing images or videos. This means that it is limitless.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro:

The world’s leading video editing software application is Adobe Premiere Pro. If you want a good quality of videos then you can go for this app. This application works both on Windows and Mac. Certain editing skills are needed to run this application.

4. Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro is editing software by the Apple Company. This specially designed to work on the Mac computers. For handling the professional video editing projects, this application will be suitable. There are many amazing features which gives you a mind-blowing experience using it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Download KineMaster for PC Windows

1. Can I edit 1080p or 4k videos using KineMaster?

You cannot directly edit 1080p or 4k videos. To edit such videos on KineMaster you have to convert them to 720p. This is just because many phones do not have the capacity to edit 1080p.

2. Is KineMaster available for PC or Mac?

KineMaster is only a mobile application which is not available for the PC or a Mac version. By using the above process you can use it for PC and Mac.

3. Does KineMaster watermarks videos and how do I remove it?

Only with the free trial versions you can watermark the videos in KineMaster. By subscribing to the premium plan you can remove the watermarks.


In this article I have shared some ideas about KineMaster app and the process of downloading it. I hope this article is helpful for you.


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