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Digital Marketing: 6 Types of Digital Marketing Strategy (SEO, SMM, SMO)

Digital Marketing: 6 Types of Digital Marketing Strategy: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Hub and that is where the true world is. Logged in! For that is where the real action is. So it is just so right for your brand to be there too, to catch your customer unaware. Social media networking sites, allow everyone to network! And it is thus the most judicious way to find everybody under one umbrella; our brand would want to cater to. starting a digital marketing agency from home


Digital Marketing: 6 Types of Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The Social Media Optimization increase higher volume of traffic and moving your site to the top. Submitting your bookmarks on all the highly ranked sites, working diligently to make your brand top the charts on Social Media sites like YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, and more.

Social Media/ Web 2.0

Is any method that allows groups and individuals to interact and share information is central to the theme of Social Media Optimization. We could categorically divide these sites into four broad-heads.

Business Networking Siteshelp you connect to the rest of the audience on professional parameters e.g., Plaxo.

Social Bookmarkingwant you to build a network of contacts and share information via clubs, groups, and forums e.g., Twitter.

Hub Sitesprovide a social bookmarking service to store your favorite websites/pages online and share with others. Example, you like an article, save it and publish it on the facebook wall for the world to visit and read it!

Social Networking Sites- Allow individuals to share profiles, news, gossip, photos and more e.g., Facebook.

An internet based concept through some social media groups ‘ go offline’ to form cooperatives or engage in traditional networking events offers us an unending list of people.

Social Media Optimization

How ‘it’ works:

These sites are actually termed ‘marketing minefields’ due to huge audience, low costs involved, superbly promising reach and third party acknowledgment.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) incorporates various methodologies to generate & garner publicity by the means of forming online communities and community websites. Each passing day sees this bracket more promising as a tool to fetch targeted traffic to the websites.

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It helps you capitalize on the ‘participative nature’ of the audience strategically to get the coveted aim. In their optimum usage, they can clearly showcase how the brand reflects in the eyes of the masses. Triggered intentionally or by a third party, various conversations float online, thus making it imperative for us to not only keep the guards on but steer them in the right direction to retain the intended positioning. We help you optimize this felicity of Social Media Marketing.

The Value addition by Affiliate Marketing:

  • Likability through fresh & catchy content
  • Direct traffic to your site
  • Improved brand visibility & brand reputation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is about leveraging high-quality, relevant traffic from internet search engines, to give your business a boost and the output it deserves.

The two ways process is:

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Inorganic Optimization (Paid search marketing)

Search Engine Marketing

Both the methods lure traffic to your site and bring you business.

Organic Search Optimization

It aims at achieving rankings for your website.

It entails:

  • Keyword Research Report
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Content Building
  • Directory Registration

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. offer two types of search results to visitors: Paid results (mostly at top or right side) and organic results (at the center of the page). Researches have established that 80% of visitors click on trusted organic results and only 20% click on sponsored, thus making SEO a must for your site. The idea is ‘you’re not ‘if people don’t know that ‘you are’! That’s what Organic SEO does:

  • Works by optimizing websites for gaining rankings.
  • Ensures best and long-term ROI than all online marketing methods.

Inorganic Optimization (Paid search marketing)

Popularly known as Pay per Click / Sponsored Search Marketing, it is targeted advertising to increase traffic on your site.

It is the process of bidding on advertising space provided by search engines.

When searchers search a phrase for which you have put a bid on search engines, your advertisement is displayed. One has to pay for it on per click basis to seek the information available.

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Social Bookmarking & Link Building

Social Bookmarking as the name goes bookmarks a public website ‘linking’ it with the use a particular set of Keywords. As a prolific tool in the worlds of social bookmarking, it creates a distinctive collection of social bookmarks. To explain it briefly, we register your website with a social Bookmarking site that lets you store bookmarks, add tags etc.

Social Bookmarking

The value addition by Social Bookmarking:

  • Volley good traffic
  • Enormous PR ranking
  • Prime placement in search engine ranking
  • More content places
  • Attracts relevant TA

Link Building:

Link Building is a process of getting a large number of links. That point to your web site from other websites which have a very high page rank. It simply means adding your web link to others sites. Link building helps your website to bring more traffic and more revenue for your company. There are number of ways for link building such as article submission, directory submission, social book marking, and blog submission to others websites. Building links that have a high PR and which relate to your website is one of the most important factors in getting high PR and top ranking on the major search engines. Link Building is one of the most significant practices in achieving rankings in the major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo etc

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The Value addition of Link Building:

  • High traffic
  • Superb back-link
  • Helps site get indexed
  • Higher search engine ranking

Directory & Article Submission

It is an effective link building methodology. Considered effective & quick, it is foolproof means to fetch lofty search engine rankings thriving traffic to your website. Directory submissions aid your website like nothing else in gaining popularity through the search engine optimization process.

The Value addition of Directory Submission:

  • Easy reach
  • Quality back-links
  • Google rankings improve
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Article Submission

The most unique way of building back links. People across the world swear by this art of article submitting. With publishing each article you get a chance to create several back links it also brings more credibility, dependability and trustworthiness. Thus it is a fantastic means of adding to your reputation & recognition in the market and also increasing traffic and sales on your sites.

The Value addition of Article Submission:

  • No cost implications
  • Highly effective & credulous
  • Improves Ranking
  • Permanent link creation

Affiliate Marketing

As we see it, affiliate marketing is one of the most sensible and feasible online marketing methods. It has historically promoted many products and services online. It is gaining popularity as a sturdy method of brand building that enormously benefits both the parties: the merchant and the affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can broadly be classified into:

Pay per Click

As the name goes Pay per Click, the affiliate gets paid once the potential customer clicks on the advertisement (banner/link) posted by the merchant which takes them to their website. Since the customer just needs to click on the link, the payment method in this case would probably be CPA since there is no further action required from the affiliate (to maintain customer activity).

Pay per Lead

The customer visits the affiliate’s site, is exposed to the merchant’s product/brand and registers an account at the merchant’s website. The affiliate gets paid a bounty payment (CPA) for these leads.

Affiliates can send traffic to the online merchant’s site using both online (via their website links/banners) and offline (via business cards which can link to a landing page) methods.

Pay per Sale

The affiliate is rewarded for any sales made by customers who came from his site. In this case the payment method could very likely be a percentage on the cost of the purchased item.

The Value addition by Affiliate Marketing:

  • Marketing Tools to push the brand/product
  • Reliable tracking
  • Timely replies to customer’s queries
  • judicious Content renovation
  • Detailed Performance measures
  • We earn, they earn

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