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Download Khata Book for pc: Khata Book is a Ledger Account book. By using the traditional bahi Khata the users have to spend hours tallying and recording the transactions. It is used by 20 lakh users around the world. We can easily manage our business or the shop by using this ledger account book i.e. Khata book. This Khata book is used by the shop owners.


How to download Bhai Khata book software for PC

Khata Book is one mobile app in which the shop keepers and the business people can store their money owed to them by using a digital ledger.

 Instead of using the offline method for your transactions, the online transaction is much better. This app saves time also. These ledger account books came with a lot of features that it can be used by all the types of businesspeople.

How to login Bhai Khata book

  • Open Bhai khata book official page or Download khata book app
  • Scroll down click the login button 

Click login Button

Play store

Features of Bhai Khata Book:

The features of this Khata Book are, it is completely free to use. It is very much safe and secure to use this app. On every transaction, your customers will be updated through the free SMS send to them.

The backup will be automatically and securely done online.  We can create our personal account or a Khata to manage Udhar or len/daen of your customers or friends.

 We can send the payment reminders to your customers through WhatsApp. We can be able to manage multiple shops within this one app. Moreover, we can able to use one Bahi Khata book on multiple phones.

Bhai khata book software for PC free download

For managing the Khata we need to download the PDF report of your customers. We can set the payment remainder date for your customers.  We can secure our account book by using the App Lock.

Bhai Khata Book Apps Additional Information

App Version 3.10.04
Size 13M
Category Finance & Business App
Downloads  5,000,000+
Developer Vaibhav Kalpe
Get it on Google Play
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Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Account Book apk

In addition to all these features, you can also add a customer to the Khata book. We can also be able to edit the customers and add the transactions done by the customer. In this Khata book, one can be able to edit old transactions of your hisab Kitab app.

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With the help of the Khata book app, we can quickly and directly call our customers to remind them about their pending payments. By using the WhatsApp app also, we can remind the customers about the payments which are pending, increases your udhar recovery.

We can easily restore and backup the data from the Khata book account. It is simple and easy to use and designed in such a way that you can manage your udhar Khata. Keep your Hisab Kitab app in your pocket such that you can add udhar Jama anytime and anywhere.

Download Khata book

This ledger account book which is digital is completely free to use. It is a 100 percent reliable and accurate one. “The digital Khata book which is a tally for the mobile app is made in India”.

With the payment reminder, there is a 3x faster return on the credit. A payment reminder feature has been added to this app. By this feature, an automatic SMS will be sent to your customers for every transaction. Moreover, every transaction is recorded against the customers.

How to download Bhai Khata book software for PC

 Using this feature the users are being repaid rapidly. This brings transparency to their business. Bahi khatas often take up a lot of space. With this Khata book, you can be able to transfer, manage all your business and personal transactions on your phone.

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Advantages of Bhai Khata Book app for pc

 It is very easy to access all your records at any time, from anywhere. The frequent reports will be generated by the Khata book through which you can be able to understand and make better decisions for your business.

 Download Khata Book: The Bhai Khata book which is made in India is available in 11 languages across the country. There is no worry if your phone is lost because all your transactions will be back up automatically. 

Most of the trusted magazines and the blogs from the web rated it is as the best app. Khata book- Digital India ka Digital Khata Book is the best app for the business.

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