Reason for mulching your garden

Reason for mulching your garden

Reason for mulching your garden: Before mulching, you should understand the soil in your garden and its needs. This will help you achieve gardening success. The soil plays a crucial role in the growth and anchoring of the plants.

Plants get their nutrients, water and air from the soil and that’s why they grow. When you mulch your garden, you’ll be helping the soil to trap valuable moisture and preventing the growth of weeds.

Although the mulch appears like a blanket over the garden soil, the reality is that you are adding valuable nutrients into the soil. By mulching your garden on your regular basis, you will be improving the soil which will produce healthier plants.


Mulching Tips from Seasoned Growers 20 Garden


You have to make sure you are using mulches that are organic. The outcomes are that the health of tree will be perfect; root growth will be better, ensure necessary nutrients for the tree discourage vegetation and weed growth, normalize soil temperature and keep some moisture.

Why you need to Mulch Your Garden

Reason for mulching your garden

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Mulching involves the addition of a layer of organic matter on the surface of your garden in order to suppress weeds, protect plant roots, add more nutrients, and help in retaining the moisture in the soil. The organic matter applied can be bark, manure, or compost.

You should consider attractive mulch for your garden. Woodchip mulch or a decorative back will serve well since each of them adds an attractive finish along paths, around flowerbeds, and around the base of plants and trees.

Reason for mulching your garden

  • Weed control. …
  • Maximise soil nutrients. …
  • Retain moisture. …
  • Pest control. …
  • Prevents soil erosion. …
  • Welcomes earthworms. …
  • Prevents ‘Frost-heaving’ …
  • Improves the look of your garden.

How should you apply the mulch on your garden?

  • The first step is always to remove all the weeds in the garden
  • Ensure the soil is moist enough before applying the mulch. If dry, water before mulching.
  • Decide on the suitable mulch and then cover the garden area in a layer
  • Ensure the mulch is away from the plant stems
  • Level the surface using a plastic rake
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Types of Mulch:

Different types of organic mulches are available and can be used to improve your soil. Your beds are likely to be empty during winter as you wait for spring planting. Apply farmyard manure to keep off weeds. When the time for planting comes, yours will be just to dig through the manure since the soil will be free from weeds.

You can create a compost bin for the leaves falling in your compound. Once the leaves rot down they will produce organic mulch that Reason for mulching your garden. Other types of mulch include the wood chip mulch and the composted bark. All these options are a good choice for your garden.

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While the experience of moving into a new home is usually exciting, it’s no secret that it can be stressful especially if there’s need to do some landscaping work. Most people often get confused on where they should begin. Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that it will depend on the state in which your new home is in.

Most gardens will require the following things:

  • Cutting back of Hedges and Pruning

Reason for mulching your garden

  • Levelling the Lawn

Reason for mulching your garden

  • Weeding

Reason for mulching your garden

There is always a temptation to cut back everything at your sight. This shouldn’t be the case. Follow the following guidelines:

Carry out an assessment on your new garden

It is important to take time before starting any work. Work out and see the existing plants available and also find out the areas that do well. At the very best, you should wait till the first summer ends. Giving yourself time allows you to have a good idea of your garden plans. The idea here is to assess your garden and gather enough knowledge that might save you time and money in the long run.

  • Create a plan

After understanding your garden, go ahead and create a plan since you’ll have known what exactly is needed.

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Reason for mulching your garden

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It is not uncommon to encounter an overgrown garden in your new home. If this happens, simply contact landscape professionals to clear the ground. However, landscaping companies tend to use chemicals that might not be in your considerations. Rather than contacting landscaping professionals, you can slowly cut back and weed the area at your pace.

Get a book of plants if possible to help you in identifying any unknown plants that you won’t need. You can selectively leave any plants that look familiar. Of course, you’ll be leaving those that you love. You can then start with a few little Hendersonville garden and tree maintenance jobs as you recapture the garden.

What do you expect to see in your outdoor space? Do you have enough time for maintaining the garden? What is your budget? These are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before starting to dig your dream flower bed. Do not spend a lot of money on flower beds that will be a challenge to maintain

If you have planted tree perfectly then you are required to take some important steps to make sure then it grows perfectly as well.

Following are some finest steps that you can follow to make sure the growth and nurturing of tree continues:


The trunk of the tree needs to be protected when there is a possibility of lawn mower damage or wind destruction. Get rid of wires (wire, rope or string) if there is a chance that wire may damage the tree. Save your tree from destruction by eradicating wires.

When to apply Fertilizer:

Do not use fertilizer excessively. It is a food of tree. You must use it after initial year only if needed. Use it on perimeter edge. Avoid planting flowers beneath trees. Fertilizer is not something you need to worry about. It is not must for trees.

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Stop trees from being damaged:

If you need to keep trunks from being destroyed then keep string trimmers and lawn mowers away from the tree. Avoid using herbicide near your lawn and your tree.

Tree Watering:

Reason for mulching your garden

Tree watering should be done on weekly basis or two times a week until your tree is meticulously grown (usually 1 to 2 years). You need your tree to create profound roots to assist it to defy famine and storm, so a slow drop of water is more useful than a fast spritz. Don’t fail to remember to let the ground tumble between water drops.


Trees must be trimmed after planting to take out dead, broken, diseased or damaged branches. Trim also to build up a nice branch structure as soon as the tree has become well-grown in its new dwelling, generally one to three years subsequent to planting. By no means, get rid of more than twenty-five percentage of total plants in a single year.

Things to consider:

ANSI A300 is a national standard of America. You have to follow it while getting work done by arborists. In this standard, the techniques of cutting, use of tools and trimming ways are mentioned. The arborists will have to follow all the standards to ensure quality work is being done and nothing is compromised. Estimates for trimming of trees must be made according to American Standards. Do not forget that bad pruning may reduce the tree life. After every tornado, you have checked whether pruning is required or not.

Things to Avoid:

Reason for mulching your garden

Reason for mulching your garden: Never trim unless it is important to do so. In growing time, do not get rid of greater than twenty-five present of plants.

Reason for mulching your garden

Do not trim a newly planted tree for the primary year, unless you are getting rid of broken or dead branches. Don’t attempt a pruning work that needs a ladder work and chainsaw. Do not use climbing spikes. Thanking you!


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