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How to Style Jewelry: A Guide for Men

How to Style Jewelry: A Guide for Men

Looking to add some style to your choice of jewelry?

The jewelry market has exploded with creativity and ingenuity. The jewelry market grew and it predicts the growth will increase even more in the next years. There are so many different types of jewelry available, so you can find your niche.

Whether you have a bunch of necklaces or only a wedding ring, you can find a way to make it more stylish. Don’t let your jewelry hold you back.

Keep reading to learn some of our best tips on style jewelry for men.


Match With Your Outfit

Matching your jewelry with your outfit can make all the difference in how put together you look. The key to styling jewelry for men is to create a subtle, yet visible look.

There are different types of jewelry that would surely fit your style or the outfit you are wearing. You can check out online guides or stores for a necklace, bracelet, or rings that can properly match your outfit.

Best jewelry pieces enhance your outfit and doesn’t overpower it. Try wearing cool silver and gold pieces that won’t clash with your clothing.

Additionally, make sure your necklace, bracelet, and rings all match in terms of feel and design. Together, they create an overall look that will elevate your style.

Layering Jewelry

Layering jewelry is a great way for men to add some variety to their outfits. The easiest way to layer is to start with a longer piece and go up from there, building the look up from a simple chain to more intricate pieces.

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It’s important to have fun with this and to choose pieces that complement each other. Try using different metals – whether it’s a combination of gold, silver, and rose gold or different tones of the same metal.

When pairing necklaces, consider sticking to one color family and varying the lengths for a more unified look. Layer up your bracelets, too – think mix and match thicknesses, sizes, and styles. Throw in the occasional stainless steel skull necklace, stack ring, or cuff bracelet to create the ultimate layered look.

Investing in Quality

Quality jewelry won’t lose its shine or charm over time, and can be used to accessorize a wide variety of looks. When shopping for jewelry, look for high-quality metals like silver and gold, as well as stones such as diamonds and gemstones. Quality jewelry may cost more upfront, but it pays off in the long run.

When tying an outfit together, try to use statement jewelry like cufflinks or tie bars. Other great options for men include watch bands, rings, and necklaces.

Finally, it is important for men to consider their own personal style when selecting jewelry pieces. The right accessories can take an outfit from good to great, helping a man make an impression no matter the occasion. Choosing a quality piece crafted from gold, silver, or other precious metals is the best possible choice for lasting jewelry.

Keep It Simple

When shopping for jewelry, it is important to keep it simple. Try to stick to a few key pieces that you like and that you think would compliment your style. If you want to accessorize a bit more, stick to basic colors, shapes, and textures. Think classic stainless-steel fish hooks and simple leather bands.

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Try to avoid pieces with too much sparkle or bulk as these will be overwhelming and less timeless. Additionally, keep an eye out for jewelry that is versatile and easy to match with daily outfits.

Match Metals

When it comes to styling jewelry, men should pay close attention to matching metals. Gold, silver, and other metals should complement each other, not clash. Start by choosing one metal that you will base other jewelry pieces on, like your wedding band.

You can also opt to use a mix of metals. Just make sure the tones aren’t too off from each other – like bright gold versus rose gold. With any jewelry piece, comfort and function should come first but make sure to keep it fashionable and stylish too.

Jewelry and Dress Codes

It’s essential to take into account their dress codes when styling and accessorizing, as it can make or break an otherwise well-put-together look. Generally speaking, formality usually calls for subtle pieces, with an emphasis on classic metals in traditional pieces like cufflinks, rings and watch faces. Formal functions are also the perfect place to incorporate a pocket watch for added sophistication.

For a more casual look, men can have fun with jewelry pieces like layering necklaces, wearing bold cufflinks and watches or even accessorizing with a smart hat or fedora. Jewelry should represent a man’s personality, so no matter what the dress code, it’s all about finding the right pieces that reflect a man’s individual style.

Recent Trends in Men’s Jewelry

The current trend in men’s jewelry is largely characterized by matte surfaces, chunky chains, bold font, and a sleek minimalist approach. Accessories such as cufflinks, rings, and necklaces in silver and gold tones remove the need for any bright colors or glitzy accents.

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When styling jewelry for men, it is important to select pieces that emphasize masculinity and sporty appeal. Chunky chains, pendants, and bold designs are especially popular choices. Of course, accessorizing doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go over the top, as subtle additions such as a simple pendant necklace or a thin silver bracelet can have the same impact.

Simply be sure to stay true to your personal style when selecting jewelry pieces and you are sure to look fashionable and stylish.

Be More Fashionable With Men’s Style Jewelry

Jewelry can complete any look and make a powerful design statement. Men have endless options when it comes to style jewelry, from minimal pieces like layered necklaces and simple bangles to larger statement pieces like hoops and bold rings. With the right shapes and colors, men can accessorize with confidence. Test out different jewelry pieces for a look that expresses your personal style.

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