The Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Solar Energy Contractor for Your Home

Despite record growth in solar installations, this form of renewable energy still only accounts for 2.8% of electricity generation in the U.S.

Implementing green energy is mankind’s last chance to save ourselves from certain destruction due to global warming. So, everyone needs to get on board.

Are you ready to play a role in saving the planet by going solar? Discover why hiring a solar energy contractor is your first step toward a greener future.


Benefit from State-of-the-art Equipment

A high-quality solar energy system can save you thousands of dollars by reducing your electric bills. It ensures ongoing access to electricity during power outages and can increase the value of your home.

Installing inferior equipment limits how much you’ll gain from an expensive solar installation. Professional installers will tailor-make a system that suits your needs precisely.

They will install the most cost-effective solar solution for you, depending on the following:

  • Your electricity usage
  • Local weather conditions
  • Your roof’s orientation
  • The design of your roof
  • The roofing materials in place

All these factors determine the type of solar panels you need and how many you should install to meet your daily requirements.

Poor-quality solar panels may cost less at the outset, but they’re less efficient. High-quality ones with the latest, most efficient designs will save you more money over time.

Better-quality panels are also more likely to have extensive warranties to cover you in the event of mishaps.

Knowledge of Local Circumstances

A local solar power installer knows more about solar panels that suit your area thanks to their first-hand knowledge of local conditions.

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Some types of solar panels perform better in areas where there’s a lot of cloud cover. Others demand many hours of direct sunlight to function efficiently.

Professional installers are also familiar with all the red tape surrounding your installation and can guide you through this process.

Most local governments require you to get a special permit before installing solar panels. They will also send an inspector to check whether the new array conforms to local electrical, safety, and building codes.

If you don’t comply with these regulations, you could be fined or forced to remove your new solar panels. Experienced installers will help you check all the required boxes to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Hiring a Solar Energy Contractor Ensures Your Safety

Solar panels feed directly into your home’s electrical circuits. They require complex and precise wiring and connections to function efficiently.

It’s never a good idea to tamper with electrical components without the proper training and knowledge. Attempting to manage these finicky connections on your own can lead to electrocution and greatly increase the risk to your belongings and your family.

Working at heights is a risky undertaking involving ladders and slippery surfaces. Professional installers carry out their tasks according to strict OSHA guidelines to limit their risks.

The average homeowner is unaware of these dangers and ill-equipped to prevent them. Apart from the risks to yourself, you could also damage your roof in the process.

Professional installers will install your solar panels correctly and in line with internationally accepted safety standards. With a professional installation, you greatly reduce the chance of:

  • Safety incidents
  • Damage to your roof
  • Electrical fires
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There’s also a chance that a DIY installation could limit the efficiency of your solar system or cause damage to your appliances.

When your municipal inspector arrives to inspect your panels, they will check every aspect of safety. Hiring a professional increases your chances of passing this inspection the first time around.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Time is money when it comes to implementing green energy measures. The sooner you get connected, the sooner you’ll start saving money on your electricity bills.

Attempting to install solar panels yourself could take weeks. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, and extra personnel, most solar panel installers can complete the work much faster than that.

When you hire a professional, it typically only takes a day or two to get your solar installation up and running once you’ve completed the necessary paperwork and received your permit.

Their expertise ensures that the job’s done right the first time, so you don’t experience any inconvenient interruptions in service or expensive repairs.

Warranties and Guarantees

Solar installation companies secure the best warranties from solar panel manufacturers. Their customers benefit from these industry relations.

They’ll also guarantee their workmanship to ensure your satisfaction. Some solar panel installers offer ongoing maintenance services after installing your solar panels.

When you opt for this service, you’re assured that your panels will stay productive throughout their lifespan.

Solar panels require little maintenance and have few parts that may warrant repairs. In the rare event that something does go wrong, it’s good to know you can get your solar system back up to full steam as quickly as possible.

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Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Solar panels are a major drawcard for home buyers looking to save on their energy costs and can help you sell your home faster. They’ll also help you fetch a higher price for your home, provided you can prove they’re installed correctly.

A DIY solar installation can put buyers off, as they’ll have no recourse if they experience problems in the future. Selling your home with a warranty from a qualified installer gives potential buyers peace of mind.

If you want to include your solar panels in your home’s insurance policy, you must ensure they’re installed by a qualified professional.

To DIY or not to DIY?

While many home improvement projects suit DIY efforts, it’s always best to hire a qualified person to take care of anything to do with your home’s plumbing or electrical systems.

Safety is only one of the reasons to hire a qualified solar energy contractor, though. You’ll also save time and money when you hire one of these professionals.

Are you eager to get more involved in improving your home? Browse our blog for suitable DIY home improvement projects, and bookmark our site so you can check back for more ideas.